Wellness Coaches, Wasting Time Creating a Coaching Program? You Need to See This!

Might seem counter intuitive, but do you spend a ton of time trying to create the best coaching program out there?  I can’t say I blame you, that is what we do after all.  But I have to tell you…there is something else that should actually be the leading your day to day.  This is more important to develop right off the bat than anything else.  No, it isn’t your brand, logo, or message.  It is something much more common place and obvious, but…

Most Coaches Never Start Here Which is a Huge Mistake

It’s okay, keep calm, I’ll share, promise.  Just a little further down, I’ll not only share what it is you should be focusing on for the best chances of success, but 18 different ways you can pursue it.

First, I thought I might talk about customers/clients.  Sometimes, in life or wellness coaching, it might seem they are coming out of the woodwork while other times, you can’t find even one.  This is a common frustration in our line of work and one that drives many coaches back to a full-time job working for someone else.  The lack of consistency in their client flow (aka income) just becomes too difficult to live by.  When I was a Life Coach, I found that it was either raining referrals (and clients) or the sound of crickets filled my days.  Despite all efforts, that flow just didn’t flow – it either gushed or stopped altogether.  It really can’t be that way – you just cannot create your life around such nonsense!

Creating & mastering the path allows you to then focus on the journey without worrying about the destination.  Michelle Anne

This brings me to a greater point – THE point of this article.  Too many life coaches, wellness coaches, spiritual coaches, (any coach) focuses on creating the most unique, effective, life-altering coaching program to be found first.  The program/product first, then the people, then the sales, etc.  Sounds logical right?

Let me tell you – the very first thing in building your business that you should focus on creating is the path – Weinberg & Mares call it Traction.  Without traction, your coaching business will not go very far, and possibly even nowhere.

Traction is the path to your people. 

Traction is how you will reach your people.  Finding the path that works best for you, that creates that steady flow of clients is the ONE thing you should start with in building your coaching business.  Think about it – if you find and master that – the rest is easy!  Finding your traction involves research and testing, finding what works and sticking with it.

Let me give you a list of traction paths (Thanks to Weinberg & Mares who wrote the great read, “Traction.”)  I’ve added a little to this to relate it to our industry.

  1. Viral Marketing – this isn’t luck, it is engineered.  This is content that is shared through referral to one potential client to another.  Sure, that hilarious video can be viral, but so was/is Dropbox.

  2. Public Relations – Good PR. This might be started in your local area.  Or you have an approach/product/idea that is unique enough to gain online PR traction quickly.

  3. Unconventional PR – that crazy stunt that gets noticed – or that really worthy cause. I’m sure you think of several you’ve seen lately cross the internet.

  4. SEM – Search Engine Marketing, you know, those ads you see when you search for topics on the internet. They are usually on the right side of the search page.

  5. Social and Display Ads – Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc. Traditional, yes, but still provides traction.

  6. Offline Ads – traditional print ads. Believe it or not, these still hold value, but you have to be very selective, be sure it is reaching your people and that the return is worth the investment.

  7. SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is changing all the time. Consult professionals and experts.

  8. Content Marketing – like blogs. Whether this is articles, images, audios, videos – it is all content that gets indexed in the search engines.

  9. Email Marketing – Email still provides one of the highest Return on Investments! The key is providing something your people can use, look forward to, or enjoy.

  10. Engineering as Marketing – creating or having someone create a cool app, widget, or gadget that is useful to your people.

  11. Targeting Blogs – commenting on other blogs or advertising on another’s blog space. Guest posting too.

  12. Business Development – making those valuable partnerships and alliances – I talk more about this here.

  13. Sales – pretty straight forward.

  14. Affiliate Programs – if this makes sense for you – it can create great traction!

  15. Existing Platforms – leveraging existing platforms where your people flock! Like getting your videos in iTunes, the App Store – wherever people already are.

  16. Offline Events – Host a local event, sponsor an event, set up a presence at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting.

  17. Speaking Engagements – Speaking gains immense traction if you are the type that loves the stage.

  18. Community Building – creating a community for your people brings them together in one place and meets needs.

Eighteen different areas that you can find your people and create a pathway between them and your coaching business.  The really crucial thing to know with all of this is – do not go after them all.  Instead pick no more than three and test to see if they are viable pathways for you.  Consider time, costs, ease of reach, how many of your people can be reached and whether you enjoy working this path or not.

Above all, focus on your path first, gain traction, then create your awesome coaching program or product.  The more typical direction which is completely opposite generally only creates frustration and disappointment.  Flip it around and grow!

All my love & admiration,

Michelle Anne



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