This Cost Me My Business More Than Once…Don’t Fall For It!

You are working really hard at building your coaching business.  You push yourself to get things done, starting with life coach certification maybe, then a website, business cards, but you push to make decisions to move forward.  You go, go, and go, with a drive that is insane.  And your business goes nowhere (or not much further past launch).  You know?  That really sucks and why is it?  It doesn’t make sense; I mean we are supposed to be rewarded for hard work right?  That’s what my mama told me.

I’m going to tell you why this happens (more often then not) and how to chain it up for good.  I’m even going to give you a nifty tool to use to keep you from doing it!


More than 90% of internet business start-ups fail in the first 120 days!

But first, let me share a little more of how “it” played out with me.

I get super excited about building coaching businesses and helping life coaches, wellness coaches, wealth coaches, you name it, any coach build their online presence.  Truly I do.  It comes from being incredibly resourceful, an idea generator, brainstorming BOSS and all around pretty cool person.

But seriously, the scenario above was a HUGE problem for me.  I would have an idea, usually at some really weird and impractical time, and run with it.  I mean RUN with it. I would work so hard to get a name, domain, website, logo, products, and email platform – up and running, you’d think money was on its heels.  But instead, it was usually just a recommendation for medication.  It was exhausting (yes, I’ve done it many times).  I remember having this amazing program idea.  I think I probably stayed up for days writing the whole thing.  Sadly, I did not get any response to it.  I would get all of this done in some insane amount of time and release it to the wild blue yonder only to find that it was not sustainable or I could not sustain it.  Despite my efforts, and incredible energy, my idea would eventually dissolve like that desert mirage and I would be left sad and confused (and very success thirsty).  I’m not even going to mention the F word or what my family thought.

No let’s not go there.

I’ll just look at shoes – that makes me happy.

So what is the problem really?  What is creating this road to total blowout?  It’s simple.  It’s the P words…like being able to Patiently wait for something to Percolate, meanwhile Planning for the Perfect mix of … java, life coaching clients, coaching style, virtual presence, or whatever.  Here are the main culprits:

  1. Patience.  Wait!  Most people get to this point, read the word, and roll their eyes just as they are about to stop reading and move on.  YOU are exactly the person that needs to read this!  I challenge you to finish this article and use the tools provided.  You will see a difference and it is HUGE.  You must have the patience to let an idea brew.  Give yourself a few days to think it over, come at it from different angles, and propose alternatives, do your market research.  At least, just think on it, but don’t roll your eyes.

I know, I know…but then you’ll get lazy and you won’t act on it, it will kind of fizzle (these guys are awesome by the way – an incredible support system all by itself!).  Not true.  There is a strategy to this patience thing and I’ll lay it all out in a tool called: Idea Development Strategy Template that you can snag right after this article.

  1. Plan.  Yes, it is that simple.  But do you know what planning really means?  No, not brainstorming, actual planning.  Let me explain the difference, because I did not know the difference (although I thought I did) and it cost me big time.  Brainstorming is coming up with tons of ideas and possibilities.  That’s it.  It is a pure creative windstorm.  And it is absolutely necessary, especially for those of us who are the more creative types, the quietly brilliant obsessive thinkers.  Planning however, is creating steps, things you must do in order to test an idea, research it, evolve it, and bring it into reality.

Your results will be different…


If you can change your business building behavior to include these two things – patience and planning.  When I implemented patience and planning in the proper way, I found that my ideas were more solid and organized, my confidence in what I was building was MUCH stronger.  Better yet, I can now turn any idea into solid steps and tasks that make it a reality.  As a result, I was (and am) building a better, more successful business.  You can do this too.  I’ve seen it happen, for reals.

Your ideas mature gradually—let them grow, let them shape themselves, without undue haste.  Don’t try to force them on, as though you could be today what time will make of you tomorrow.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

To rephrase Chardin (politely) basically, you will NOT succeed by how fast you build your business, but rather by how consciously you build your business. Tweet This

Okay, so you know what you need to do – what you need to work on.  Don’t run so much as walk patiently and by all means brainstorm, then plan, and do!  I created the Idea Development Strategy Template that I use on a regular basis (really, I do).  It will be totally helpful.  I’m including a sample IDST, so you can see how I use it.  The basic how-to steps are included in the template.  In the template, there is part for your Outsourcing or Team, but if you don’t have a team yet, don’t worry, I didn’t either when I started.  I will be sharing how I figured out how to build an outsource team super cheap soon – that totally changed the way I saw business building!

My Mania Mantra: 

Right now, today, I can give you the Idea Development Strategy template to help you with your patience and planning which will help you build your awesome coaching business – consciously.  I hope it moves you forward.


Learn to use patience and planning to build & grow your business at a sustainable pace.  Build consciously, not fast.  Use the template as a tool to implement and practice patience and planning.

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