These Ambassadors Send You More Clients…Do You Have Them?

You have a few absolutely amazing clients.  They have gone through many sessions with you, matter of fact they have done all of your programs and sing your praises on their Facebook page, twitter, during coffee with friends, they love you.  But they are kind of at the end of the journey with you as a coach.  They don’t really *need* anymore.  How do you keep them or keep them sharing and spreading the word about how incredibly awesome you are?

Appreciate your ambassadors, make them kings and queens of your kingdom and honor their devotion.

If you do this – they will forever promote you, recommend you, and send people your way.  It is like creating walking, breathing, talking arrow signs that point directly to you, no matter where they are.

I have 5 ways to make your best clients your best advertisements.  I’m spelling it out below, but first, let me share a story (oh yes, another story).

This one is about Nadia.  Nadia was (and still is) a life coach when I met her.  She had been in business a few years and had a great foundation of clients in her life coaching business.  She was awesome.  There was just something about the carefreeness in Nadia’s voice that made everyone feel like they could accomplish anything …and they often did.  Her clients were always happy with her coaching and she had a handful that followed her through everything, had participated in all of her programs and even attended events that Nadia was part of.  She was so appreciative of them, they certainly confirmed for her that she was doing what she loved, being a life coach.

But Nadia was starting to feel like she had to create new programs that were just for these super clients to keep them involved and connected to her as they seemed to want.  She thought about a regular maintenance program with them, but wasn’t sure how to structure that and felt that it wasn’t enough to show her appreciation for their loyalty nor was it okay to just repurpose older programs when they did not really need them.

What to do?

Create an awesome Ambassador program for your super clients so they turn into referral powerhouses!

The first thing that Nadia and I did was look at her Super Clients.  They were not all the same.  We actually divided them into two groups:  Whisperers and Influencers.  The Whisperers were those that are very social in their community, maybe moms, luncheon gals, club members, group goers, etc.  They are always talking to others and quick to whisper your name to friend, an acquaintance at the grocery store, or even the lady waiting next to them in the waiting room of their optician’s office.  Then there were the Influencers.  They held positions of influence or had such strong personalities that they regularly influenced and convinced others to take action.  The Influencers had connections and made things happen.

Nadia needed to create benefits that catered to both the Whisperers and the Influencers to keep them in her corner and happy.

  1. Create a private Facebook (or other, like Follr) group for just your Super Clients.  You will need one for your Whisperers – even a local coffee group could work well depending on your client demographics.  Keep the Whisperers’ group casual, fun, social, and always inspirational!  Your Influencers need something efficient, fast, and effective, but highly exclusive in feel.  Have both in a format that allows them to ask questions for advice anytime online.

  2. Give them an “Ambassador” ID card.  This entitles them to a lifetime discount on events and the ability to bring a friend for free.  This keeps them involved and by bringing a friend, they introduce new potential clients to your coaching style.  Send them an “Ambassador” card in a nice notecard that they can keep with them and use for special discounts, early entry, and special surprise gifts at events.

  3. Let them be the First to Know.  Give them the opportunity to be the first to “test” your new programs, products, and services.  Let them be the first to get a sneak peek of your book while you are writing it.  Ask them to share on social media as they are testing.

  4. Recognize them publicly for their achievements.  If they are okay with it – share Super Client photos of the two of you together on social media and your website, also in emails, and image blasts.  Make sure you are with them – that is a huge feel good.

  5. Give fun but competitive titles to your ambassadors.  Your Whisperers will probably really enjoy competing for fun titles like “Learn’n to Live Queen of the Quarter.”  Come up with silly titles and honor that during your maintenance group meetings.  Your Influencers might appreciate random check-ins more – quick moments of accountability (like a text message) and maybe even a business mention or accomplishment checklist rather than a title.

Nadia incorporated some really fun and cool ideas that she knew would make her people happy.  With every interaction she made it easy for them to promote her in return (very important).  She sent cards out regularly with hand written notes and as a result of her Ambassador program, her referrals from her Super Clients rose significantly.  Appreciation goes a long way and comes back to you in the form of more clients!

How do I start this Ambassador program?

Start by choosing who your best clients are – those that you feel have really reached the limits of your regular coaching programs and identify their personalities between the two I mentioned above.  Even if you only have one Super Client, that’s okay – you can easily implement the suggestions above based on one.

And the coolest tip of all…ask them what they would like from you at this point.  What do they enjoy most about your time together and if they could keep something going – what would that be?

Make’m rockstars and they’ll create the groupies for you.

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