The Witch is Dead and So Are Newsletters

You’ve probably written newsletters forever, or you are just getting started in building your coaching business and you were going to do newsletters – simply because you’ve subscribed to enough of them to see that’s how it’s done.

But Is It Really? What if your newsletters are driving your readers away?

You create your newsletters with the intention of giving tons of great information to your readers that they will look forward to receiving. Those little overwhelm bundles in their inboxes every single week like finding baby birds in an unexpected nest – it’s a treasure or is it?

I’m sorry to burst this bubble – but newsletters have wreaked havoc on readers for a very long time, the witch must be taken down!

At the end of this article, I’ll share a great alternative to your newsletter of torment (don’t take offense if you write newsletters, I have hundreds under my belt, uuhhggg). If only I had known and realized what I was doing to my readers. If only I had been able to correlate the lack of action, conversion, and engagement with the spell I was placing on every single reader, maybe I would have saved a few.

Let me give the rundown of what my newsletter (and those of coaches I’ve worked with) looked like. They were so full of yummy ingredients, like the ultimate cookie chocked full of sweet morsels and distraction galore that I even put Hansel and Gretel’s witch to shame. I would start with the intro – saying hi and what’s been going on in my world (offense #1). Then I would move into the article of the week (offense #2). Next, in the sidebars, I would include dates for local events I was holding (or for the coach I was assisting), programs for sale, (worse than offense #3, full frontal assault) and last but not least, several links (offense #4), words of wisdom, and a closing (offense #5).

Does this sound familiar?

Have you tempted your readers with such scrumptious sweets and prettys? (Oh, I have played this game of hopscotch more than once).

More than 53% of small businesses consistently send newsletters [Constant Contact]

This means for you, there is a window of opportunity (53% big) to do something different and take away the overwhelm.

Don’t worry – I’m leading into what all of this means, why there are so many darn offenses and how to fix them with alternatives to sticky icky newsletters. You’ll also have a chance to nab my Coach’s Starter Kit with plenty of resources to get you started in your new coaching business.

Now, I know it isn’t fair to say that all newsletters have a negative impact on its readers, and truthfully, if done right and for certain purposes, newsletters can be a good thing. But for most coaches, newsletters have the opposite effect from what is desired and honestly – needed. Here are the good things about a newsletter that most of us already know:

  • Offers a variety of content

  • Clients look forward to receiving and reading

Here are the negatives:

  • Too much content distracts the reader (offense #2 & #3)

  • Too focused on you rather than being all about them, your peeps (offense #1)

  • There is no clear call to action or too many causing confusion for your reader (offense #4)

  • Too difficult to direct the reader in one specific direction and action (offense #5)

  • Takes a lot of time to create

  • Can be complicated

So what to do?

Here’s my suggestion. If you are using your newsletter to highlight a program or product or service – and you aren’t getting the results you want, try switching to a single focus email marketing strategy. Keep your email very short and to the point with a very clear call to action. Not only is this much easier and faster to create, but it is easier for your readers to consume. Let’s face it, most of us are super busy these days and while we may want to read your newsletter each week or month, we rarely get all the way through it much less directed back to your program, service, blog, or product.

Unintentional distraction from your solution is stealthily wrapped in “practices” thought to be helpful, but instead are tempting ghost lights off in the distance, leading your people far away from where you want them to be. [Tweet This]

I know, I know…I can hear the whining already. But a single focus email isn’t as creative as a newsletter. It certainly can be, think outside of the box:

  • Create your email as a quick note from the road

  • Girl talk

  • Recipe for success

  • Journal entry, whatever you want it to be.

Keep it short, sweet, to the point with a clear call to action. You can do this – you’ve probably done this at least 15 times in each newsletter.

Okay – so remember:

Newsletters – distracting, overwhelming, hard to digest, time-consuming and complicated.
Single Focus Emails – short, focused, easy to read, designed for results, fast, fun and simple to create.

My Mania Mantra: Right now, today, I can help you understand a new concept and maybe break the mold a bit. Perspectives can change and change can breathe new life into dusty places. I hope this moves you forward.

(If you aren’t familiar with My Mania Mantra and why I use it – read about it.)

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