Do You Scare Potential Clients Away with Fees? Here’s Why & How to Change That:

Your coaching fees are on your site right?  I mean, you have to be transparent and honest and up front.  That’s the right way to do things – anything else feels manipulative.  But what if you could give your potential clients just the right amount of information when they were ready for it – when they actually wanted it?  And by just the right amount, I mean something they need or want, something that shows how caring you are, how human, honest, and in service to them you are.  How would that change the process?  Would that build trust better than just displaying fees?

Like building a friendship, you hang out together just a little bit, then more, laugh and cry together, grow and find great value in the relationship.

I have a tool to show you that will help you know what to give (in terms of your fees, programs, services) to whom and when to share it, so you don’t scare potential friends (ah hem, clients) away.  I’ll explain that system in just a sec, but first – let me share a scenario.

Carolyn had been working in and on her wellness coaching business for several years.  She had some great periods and not so great periods of business.  There were lots of ups and downs – rarely a consistent, steady growth (okay, never).  She did a lot of things right, but couldn’t figure out what the thing was that she was obviously doing wrong.

She had a website and got most of her clients through word of mouth – a trickle here and there.  She kept her website simple and clear, not too much to read.  Her fees were listed right on the “Is a wellness coach right for you” page.  She had a reader once post that her fees were too high and how it was a shame that regular people, the people who needed help most couldn’t afford it.

Those words took Carolyn down a notch.

She felt bad for charging what she charged.  And mind you, her fees were reasonable and actually a little on the low side.  But she was after all, in service to others, a helper, a healer, how could she make her services unavailable to those who needed her most?  How dare she.  That was just pretentious and so against her values.

She lowered her fees.  (can you hear the tiny gasps escaping)  She had a potential client contact her by email for more information and they said they couldn’t afford much – would she be willing to give a discount or trade?  She gave a discount (louder, more epic gasps).  Now Carolyn felt undervalued, cheated, even almost resentful of her clients (but she wouldn’t dare share that).  She felt as if she would never succeed in a way that made her life richer rather than more of a struggle.  She would go through this over and over again – hence the ups and downs in place of a steady growth.

So Carolyn took a leap of faith – she began to observe behavior on her site and through her interactions with emails, comments and live conversations.  She removed the fees from her site.  Instead, she invited everyone to have a conversation with her, send her an email about their favorite recipes, worst habits, and things they loathed.

She engaged in building friendships.

Carolyn paid attention to the pages they visited and comments they made – where they were in the buying process:

  • Gathering information,  researching

  • Verifying her work – making sure she had a solution for them

  • Sampling her services

  • Trusting her with a purchase

The wonderful thing is – that Carolyn did not leave this process up to her people to move through on their own – she guided them through the process, carefully, caringly, and consciously.

One of the most beautiful qualities about a true friendship is to understand and be understood.  Lucius Annaeus Seneca [Tweet This]

The result was some very strong relationships – a lot of trust – and services purchased at reinstated rates.  She felt confident and empowered and appreciated.  She could do her work and live well herself – she was on top of the world!

Carolyn figured out a system that gave her more control, more insight, and more success. 

Bottom line, Carolyn’s potential clients and confirmed clients never got more information than they were ready to receive.  They were ready for her fees when that information was shared, they were ready for a purchase because they had already interacted with Carolyn many times and sampled her work – trusted her intentions and abilities to help them solve their problems.

Think of it this way – if someone is researching wellness coaches, they visit  site after site – look at prices and think “I really can’t afford that” – they finally give up.  But on Carolyn’s site – they first learned about how she could help them and her solutions to the problems she related with them on.  They entered into friendly, light conversation with her, took her free offer which is exactly what they needed.  They sampled her work, laughed with her, stayed in touch, and benefited immensely from her tips.  When they were ready to make the purchase, they felt they knew her, shared her values and more importantly that she knew them.

They built a friendship – money was nothing. 

So let’s get to this tool.  This will help understand better where your people are in the buying process, how to approach them, what to give them and how to build amazing relationships.  I have to thank the great team at Hubspot for the inspiration – I adapted their idea to work more for coaches – they do such good work!  Below is a snapshot – but signing up in the box below will get you the full blank form as well as an explanation on how to use it!

My Mania Mantra:  Right now, today, I can give you a system that will help you understand and be understood which will help you build your awesome coaching business – consciously (not to mention create lots of beautiful friendships).  I hope it moves you.

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