This is Your #1 Threat When Building Your Coaching Business Website!

You did the research.  You just need a website, a little hosting, a free theme, email sign up box, great free offer and DONE.  You probably also felt incredibly proud that you figured out how to keep it cheap.  (I sure did).  But it didn’t stay that way did it?  It cost more money, more time, and tons of clarity. (Uhhg, the thought of that just makes me nauseous.)

You fell down the rabbit hole didn’t you?

Don’t feel bad.  We all do it.  I have done it (ehhmmm) multiple times.  You’d think I’d have learned from the incredible frustration and that I would have left some sort of bread crumb trail.  Well, I did learn, but it took a long time and a considerable amount of bruises, but now I have some simple guidance to keep you out of the rabbit hole (unless you like that sort of thing).

So how do you know where to start without going overboard?

Overboard should be a diagnosis, for as many times as I’ve done it, I certainly must *have* it. [Tweet This] There are so many resources these days that you really can build your coaching business website easily and inexpensively.  But, that plethora of resources can work against your goals and lull you to the rabbit hole like fairly land or something, unless you have a clear plan to follow.

Create a plan for steady, but paced growth and your chances of success nearly double.

It’s an investment in time, money, and your business’s future.  A little further on in this article, I’m going to give you the right questions to answer that will help you create your plan.  I’ll also give you the resources to get started.

Before you start your plan, you must understand what you are aiming to avoid, the abyss itself, the rabbit hole.  This rabbit hole includes getting lost in tedious, never-ending website details, the expense of it (one more small fee per month won’t hurt), or one more week spent creating bells and whistles.  You cannot afford that.  Matter of fact, if you added in an hourly wage for all the time you’ve spent (okay, time I’ve spent) lost in just that – you could have paid someone to knock it out in no more than a few days (I’ll show you how to do that super easy, super affordably, very soon).  Trust me – I’ve tested the theory.

What a Waste of Time.

(Side Note) It isn’t all about you – it is really all about them.  You know them, the people who need you and really want to buy from you?  Let’s say you are looking at themes (these are the designs that overlay your site base which is the builder.  Choose your design and functionality (how it works for visitors) for simple, easy, clear navigation and operation.  The last thing you want to do is take your potential clients down the rabbit hole with you – I’ve seen it happen and it is a little rough on the psyche, seriously.  I used to build without ever knowing what elements, design and functionality mattered to my ideal client, ewww.

That is the equivalent to standing on a street corner speaking a fictitious language…

It isn’t going to make sense to anyone walking by.  Instead of creating a bunch of nonsense, let’s create your plan.

Ask yourself the following questions and your answers will create the basis for your online presence plan.  Super simple, super effective.  As we move forward in future articles, I’ll break down each aspect of building your online presence for you, cause I’m cool like that.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by having an online presence?

  2. What do your ideal clients need to know about you to understand/learn about this (#1)?

  3. What one product or service (if any) do you have to offer right now that will help solve a problem for your ideal client?

  4. Choose how you will continue to share your knowledge, wisdom, and motivation with your audience:  Blog, Newsletter, Email Campaign, Podcast, Daily Visual Motivation, etc.  (Choose one).

Alright, let’s work through this together – this answer sheet will serve as an example:

  1.  I want more people to be able to find out about my weight loss plan.

  2. They need to know my own struggle with weight loss.

  3. I have a method that I used to successfully keep weight off – it is an ebook.

  4. I will create a Pinterest board with daily motivational words from my own journal during my weight loss journey.

Getting the idea?

The really important key to all of this is to start simple, but direct everything to your potential client.  From the above, I can plan to create:

  1.  A home page that tells people about my weight loss plan.

  2. An about page that tells my story.

  3. A product page for my ebook – with payment options.

  4. A sign up for my daily motivational words with links to my Pinterest board.

There are many variations to this – but this is what I mean by basic and simple.  You’ll build outward from here – but start here, nothing more, nothing less.

This keeps you out of the rabbit hole.

In my next article, I’ll share the ONE thing you must do before you type a single word, create a single image, or make a single free offer!  But for right now, be sure to do the exercise above to create your plan (please don’t dismiss it as simple and unnecessary – remember where I’ve been?) Then, grab the resources to get started in the Coach’s Starter Kit below.

My Mania Mantra:  I know for today, I can give you simple steps to start your coaching business online.  I can show you how to avoid falling down the rabbit hole of overwhelm and complexity.  If it saves you some frustration, then I’ve contributed to the world in a positive manner.

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