Your Voice and Your Values

Your Coaching Clients Want This…Not Your Program or Your Product!

You are developing your programs and products for your new coaching business.  You are even writing as much as you can about them on your blog, in your emails, and you’re totally tweet’n em.  But you are struggling a bit with your voice – you know that what you really want to come across to your peeps, probably isn’t.  This missing essence is exactly what your potential coaching clients want.

And they want this one thing so much that they’d take a lesser program or product just to be a part of it.

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Measure Your Business Goals

Once I Learned to Do This with My Business…Consider My Mind Blown!

You have a pretty good idea of what you want to accomplish with your new coaching business – at least the benefits of “accomplishing” right?  You know you want freedom, flexibility, the sheer happiness that comes from doing something you totally get, maybe even some extra cash flow and financial freedom.  But do you have hard milestones set?  And even more importantly, how will you know when you are close to reaching them?

It’s not as elusive a task as it may sound.  Towards the end of this article,

It will be mizu shingen mochi clear, ok? (I just thought this was so cool)

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This is Your #1 Threat When Building Your Coaching Business Website!

You did the research.  You just need a website, a little hosting, a free theme, email sign up box, great free offer and DONE.  You probably also felt incredibly proud that you figured out how to keep it cheap.  (I sure did).  But it didn’t stay that way did it?  It cost more money, more time, and tons of clarity. (Uhhg, the thought of that just makes me nauseous.)

You fell down the rabbit hole didn’t you?

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This Cost Me My Business More Than Once…Don’t Fall For It!

You are working really hard at building your coaching business.  You push yourself to get things done, starting with life coach certification maybe, then a website, business cards, but you push to make decisions to move forward.  You go, go, and go, with a drive that is insane.  And your business goes nowhere (or not much further past launch).  You know?  That really sucks and why is it?  It doesn’t make sense; I mean we are supposed to be rewarded for hard work right?  That’s what my mama told me.

I’m going to tell you why this happens (more often then not) and how to chain it up for good.  I’m even going to give you a nifty tool to use to keep you from doing it!

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If You Try to Do Everything, You and Your Coaching Business Will F**L. Here’s Why.

Run for the trees and you might just hit a few, but it won’t be pretty, I promise.  Starting a coaching business online is much like entering a forest of “must haves.” There are so many must haves or the perception of such, that it is a treacherous sprint through what you think you should have and what you really need in order to get your business going.

It can make you so totally lost – like, I don’t even know why I started this business in the first place, lost.

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