1 Way To Keep It All Together. In Your Coaching Business That Is.

Managing everything is one of the most common lead weights dragging coaches down. Too often, I know, you are so focused on your current clients or in talking with potential clients that the plethora of chores overwhelms you. The day to day “gotta keep my business going” is enough, much less how you are going to promote your new program, set up your email marketing, social media strategy, podcast, blog, split testing, measuring results, omg…I just felt those weights again.

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Pre-qualify Clients

Done with Clients Who Take the Free Session and Bail? Do This Instead.

You offer a free coaching session – maybe a mini session or even a full blown chunk out of your day session.  You do this out of good spirit, to show your intentions to help and be of service, because you are after all, a [spiritual, life, wellness, or relationship] coach.  But more often than you’d ever like to admit, your free session comes and goes with no further commitment or payment from your would be client.  Now you feel so undervalued.  No, not even that, just plain used or no good.  It’s okay, go ahead and admit it – I’ve been there.

Oh have I.

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Losing Clients

Do You Scare Potential Clients Away with Fees? Here’s Why & How to Change That:

Your coaching fees are on your site right?  I mean, you have to be transparent and honest and up front.  That’s the right way to do things – anything else feels manipulative.  But what if you could give your potential clients just the right amount of information when they were ready for it – when they actually wanted it?  And by just the right amount, I mean something they need or want, something that shows how caring you are, how human, honest, and in service to them you are.  How would that change the process?  Would that build trust better than just displaying fees?

Like building a friendship, you hang out together just a little bit, then more, laugh and cry together, grow and find great value in the relationship.

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Get More Clients

8 Ways to Find Your People & Get More Clients

You have a few coaching clients right? Or maybe you haven’t even landed that first “real” client. It is even quite possible that you’ve had times of plenty of clients, but there always seemed to be this invisible cap or wall or whatever…bottom line, there wasn’t enough flowing your way.

You need more clients and while you do social media, you have a website (maybe even a blog), and you are part of a local networking group, it just isn’t enough. I know, I get you. It happens to all of us – even those that come across as consistently successful.

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I Think My Fortune Cookie Message was Really Meant You…

Every now and then, you just need a little inspiration to keep going while building your coaching business.  The journey is long and sometimes hard, but it never, ever needs to be complicated.  You are a coach, you help others experience their dreams by holding them accountable for what you know they are capable of accomplishing.  Whether you are a life coach, wellness coach, relationship coach, or spiritual coach – doesn’t matter- you do this over and over again.

You totally rock!

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Make Your Website a Positive Experience

7 Steps to Leading Your Coaching Website Visitors Through an Amazing Experience!

I see this time and time again.  Your website took quite some time to build and you totally wanted to include everything that is important to you as a coach (aka, your story), so you did.  While I get it and I’ve done it too – your “everything I care about” world translates to “omg, I’m so confused, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do” for your visitors.  They will likely visit briefly, maybe click on a few pages in the hopes that something makes sense or is quick, too the point, but will probably just leave.  Not cool.  They couldn’t hear your song or identify with your story.

Create a song not a story.

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The Witch is Dead and So Are Newsletters

You’ve probably written newsletters forever, or you are just getting started in building your coaching business and you were going to do newsletters – simply because you’ve subscribed to enough of them to see that’s how it’s done.

But Is It Really? What if your newsletters are driving your readers away?

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