5 Ingenious Ways to Get Help Building Your Coaching Business Right NOW (even if you think you can’t afford it)

I know you have a lot on your plate and a portion of that is probably tasks that you are not even sure how to accomplish.  You are a coach, not an html coder, website builder, copy writer, graphic designer, or marketing strategist.  Are you?  No matter what talents you carry with your coaching abilities, there isn’t enough time in the day for you to do it all and remain happy, inspirational, and motivating for your clients.

I have solutions.

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5 No-Fail Steps to Successfully Growing Your Coaching Business

It’s time to get honest.  You are a coach.  You know your message (or some version of it).  You know that you have to talk to people, use social media, probably need to blog, and keep a website looking decent and providing relevant information to your people.  You probably should employ some email marketing too, maybe attend an event here and there…and then there is creating the programs, content, eye-catching headlines, book you’ve always wanted to write, publicity, speaking…oh God, is it time for bed yet?

I know that this is all in your mind somewhere.  I also know that most of you are attempting to do this alone, solo, ala numero uno.  Why?  Because you have to – because you either feel you can’t afford help or you don’t even know where to begin in getting the right help, you couldn’t decide who does what anyway, so you are better off doing it yourself.

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I don't like to blog

10 Ways to Build a Blog for Your Coaching Business When You Hate Blogging!

I hear it at least once per week – do I have to blog?  You have tons of inspiration and ideas and love to talk with people about them, but to sit down and write any of that out in “blog” format is equivalent to doing taxes (okay the latter is my pain).  I’d say about half of the coaches I work with loathe the idea of blogging and we had to change their definition of a blog in order to find a method of “blogging” that works well for them.  I’m sharing the many different ways you can post regularly to your blog in order to get that extra traffic, and engage your readers/clients even more.

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Building Your Coaching Business

10 Things Female Villains Taught Me About Building My Coaching Business

I love female villains.  Okay, so maybe they aren’t really villains, but they come across as villains because they are on a mission and don’t take any $%#.  Usually it is some gut wrenching tragedy that has befallen them and they are seeking justice (or revenge… maybe they teeter on that line of villain).  Do you ever imagine yourself as running your coaching business with a no more nice girl (or guy), not taking no for an answer, gonna get what I want kind of attitude?  No?  I knew you’d say that.  Let me rephrase this:

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Perform better under pressure

Here’s Why It’s a Myth That You Perform Better Under Pressure

I’m a whole picture kind of gal.  And I suspect that many of you coaches out there are too.  Meaning, you typically see things, goals, and projects as they are in the finished state, whole and perfect, the way we want them to be.  This is wonderful for many reasons – seeing the end result allows to you to be really clear on what you want.  But the blind spot of the whole picture mind is the oodles of steps that have to be taken in order to achieve it (I have a way for you to manage that below). You would not believe (well, ok, you probably would) how many times I hear coaches say that they had this grand vision or incredible epiphany for a new program/product which they nearly jumped out of bed at 2 a.m. to tell their people about.  Then, as soon as it was a suitable hour, they put out the word for this incredible something and by noon had 10 people signed up.   Wonderful, Amazing, Astonishing…

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brand ambassadors

These Ambassadors Send You More Clients…Do You Have Them?

You have a few absolutely amazing clients.  They have gone through many sessions with you, matter of fact they have done all of your programs and sing your praises on their Facebook page, twitter, during coffee with friends, they love you.  But they are kind of at the end of the journey with you as a coach.  They don’t really *need* anymore.  How do you keep them or keep them sharing and spreading the word about how incredibly awesome you are?

Appreciate your ambassadors, make them kings and queens of your kingdom and honor their devotion.

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Take a Stand for Life, Wellness, & Spiritual Coaches

I’m Taking a Stand (for Coaches Everywhere)!

You’ve got to work towards something in building your coaching business.  We all do.  I’ll bet though, as a life, wellness, spiritual, or business coach – you get caught up in one of two worlds:

You must play BIG, go for your DREAMS, and make MILLIONS to have the life you want.


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