Your Coaching Clients Want This…Not Your Program or Your Product!

You are developing your programs and products for your new coaching business.  You are even writing as much as you can about them on your blog, in your emails, and you’re totally tweet’n em.  But you are struggling a bit with your voice – you know that what you really want to come across to your peeps, probably isn’t.  This missing essence is exactly what your potential coaching clients want.

And they want this one thing so much that they’d take a lesser program or product just to be a part of it.

Keep reading as I explain how your not yet found voice is keeping the prized jewel from your audience.  They might sense that it is there – they may even like a few of your offerings, but something is keeping them from embracing it all and taking the step of benefiting immensely from you – by spending money.  It’s simple, and in all of us.  You have it, I have it, they have it…but when it comes to business, it is often elusive and tricky to capture, as tricky as capturing the very first firefly of the season.

64% of customers reported shared values as a reason for brand loyalty [the great people at Hubspot]

It really is about your values.  People take that first step to follow you based on similar values, because you imbued the message with something that rang true for them on a deeply personal level – on the level of values.  It mattered, and it mattered a lot.  Now, this isn’t to say that you must tout your personal values every chance you get – that could have quite the undesired effect on your potential clients.  But what does need to happen is that you allow your voice to come through in how you write, how you speak, and how you coach.  By the end of this article, you’ll have some suggestions on how to find your voice, a tool or two and as always, some resources to get you started in building your online coaching business.

Your voice will always divulge your values, often in small sparks and soft sounds – just enough magic to find and attract your people. Tweet This

Finding your voice isn’t always easy, and truthfully most coaches struggle with expressing their voice outside of actively coaching.  So go easy on yourself.

Here are 5 tips to help you find your voice and therefor express your values:

  1. In everything that you write, write as if you are having a conversation with your best friend.

  2. Say it out loud if necessary.

  3. Use a voice to text app like the one in Evernote.

  4. (My fave) Record a call with a dear friend – then listen to the recording and note how you spoke during that conversation vs. your writing/work style – did you laugh more?  Did your tone change?  Did you make jokes?  What kind of jokes?  Did you share personal stuff?  In what way?  What did you take a stand on?  Use Free Conference Calling to record a conversation.

  5. Send the recording to be transcribed – then look at the conversation in a written format – compare to what you are writing now.

Your potential clients want to follow you because of what you stand for – not for what you can do or the product you sell.  They buy from you because of why you do your work, not how.  They follow you because they can relate to you through shared values on some level.

They align with you because they can stand with you in something that matters to the both of you – it is a connection. 

And it always, always comes down to the connection between human beings.  Wrap this subtle expression of your values through your voice in a coaching package, a complimentary session, an ebook, a video series, a monthly club – and there you have it.

One final note.  I speak and write a bunch about mindset.  I also spell out simple steps and tasks that may seem trivial or unnecessary.  I cannot express passionately enough to you how important every tidbit is to your success.  If I’m sharing it – it is because I’ve witnessed it.  Your success is determined solely by your willingness to dig deep, do the work, take the hard looks, and keep building despite it all.  Don’t succumb to self-doubt, to the wall that the market will present time and time again (until you find the crack in it), or the simple, yet frustrating thing called overwhelm.  No one ever reached the place they wanted to be because they overlooked the tiny details, or let the hard stuff pull their dream apart.  Nope, not one.


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