Nail This with Your Online Coaching Programs for More Clients!

Most coaches I know can create a coaching program in their sleep.  I swear, you are inherently talented when it comes to creating what your people need!  But!  There is often consistency lacking, meaning some really crucial anchors in your program that lead to more clients tend to be there sometimes, and not so much other times…is this you?  Continue reading to discover what you need in each and every online coaching program you create for more clients!


Trust is built with consistency.  Lincoln Chafee

Here are the must-have, gotta always be there anchors that you must nail each and every time in your programs to get more clients:


Who Are Your People – before you can catch your client’s eye, you need to know what type of client you are looking for.   More specifically, you can call this your Client Personas.  You probably have more than one, but if you find you have more than three…scale back, narrow your focus and market to a smaller group.  Write down all the characteristics that you want your clients to possess. Are they from a certain ethnic group, age, income bracket for example? You, hopefully, know some of these characteristics already through interaction you’ve had, but if you are just beginning – base it on the type of person you want to work with.  Build out this persona by answering every question you can answer about them – give this persona a name, a look, and now you know who you are speaking to when you are sending emails, sharing on social media, writing articles.  This makes things oh sooooo much easier.  And the good thing is – do it once, you don’t have to do it again unless our people change.


Positioning Your Program – this includes making your coaching program attractive so clients want to join. Most clients have a problem they are looking to solve, so use this when you position and market your business. Essentially the solution you are providing to their problem IS your position.  Another key element here is to outline your program for your clients. This way they know exactly what they are getting in return for their money. This includes tools used, what formats your content is delivered in, how much time will they have and/or access to you and more.


Think of the anchors as making your programs really solid, weighted, and dependable.


Sign Up Process – you need to have an easy to use sign up system for your students. You may wish to offer new students a super inexpensive consultation first – like 15 minutes for $15.   That way, they can experience your coaching without a huge investment, but yet invest something so they respect your time and the effort involved.  This way you can both ensure that you will be happy working together. This can also help to build excitement in prospective students. After your consultation they will be eager to hit that buy button!


Test your sales process in advance to make sure it works. Make it easy for your students to make their payment. They should be able to pay, then be directed to a page where they either create a membership account or are told to check their email for further instructions. Have clear instructions for how to contact you as needed. Remember the trust thing – guiding your clients or potential clients safely and easily through ANY and ALL processes with you builds trust.  Think about it – how often have you abandoned something because it was too difficult, confusing or unclear.  Of course you may have to answer lots of additional questions before someone decides to pay for your program or take that next step, so consider setting up a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website for this purpose.


Your Packages – you should clearly outline the details of your coaching program including how it is delivered. Will you be using workshops, webinars, work books or video and audio files? If you have different packages at various price points then put this on your sales pages. Remember to make this appealing to your people – if your people are not terribly tech savvy – then be sensitive to that.  Always include delivery options (low tech and high tech).  Also be sure to include visuals where and when you can.  Visuals are more appealing and address the different way we absorb information.


Marketing System – even if you get lots of new students immediately. You want to have a marketing system in place for securing students on a regular basis. This includes making use of social media sites, joining forums for coaches and reading blogs to stay up to date on coaching methods for your field.  Create a system you can manage based on the resources you have available.  For example, you may be a lone wolf coach, meaning you don’t have anyone helping you build but you.  So choose 3 marketing channels to use consistently, every day and with every program.  Like, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.  Take the time to create your emails ahead of time and set them up in your email marketing platform.  I use MailChimp and they are great for this – super affordable too.  Also create your posts and schedule them ahead time with a free tool like Hootsuite.


TIP:  If you take one day per month to create your plan for all three channels, you’ll be set to focus on your coaching.  Create consistency to build trust!


Your BIGGER Picture Plan – one last anchor.  Doing all of this is really not that difficult if you focus and set your goals.  But I know that many things happen day-to-day that create distractions, overwhelm, and even the dreaded….discouragement.  I have a suggestion on how you can just throw a big wall of “I’m not falling for it” for all of that immediately.


In all my years of working with coaches all over the world to help them build their businesses, I realized that most (about 96%) lacked a clear, long-term, detailed plan.  But those that did have their plan and actions clear and down on paper, soared past the rest.  I mean really soared.  They did not get stuck in the muck of overwhelm or discouragement.  They had a tool that kept them moving steadily towards their goals and they ALWAYS met their goals.


Because of this realization, I created Done in a Day.  Done in a Day is a one day virtual planning day where myself and 10 coaches create a one year plan of action for your business’s growth.  We include social media, blogging, email, and get specific enough down to the daily to-do’s so that literally, all you have to do every single day is look at your list and well, do it!


No tech needed.  If you feel that this huge anchor could really help you achieve some consistency and get more clients through door – check in and get on my wait list for the launch date announcement.  While I only have 10 spots (and I already have quite a few on the list) – getting in now would be really smart!


Just click here to add yourself to my  waiting list AND get a great planner that I made just for the Done in a Day system.

Much Love & Admiration,

Michelle Anne

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