Once I Learned to Do This with My Business…Consider My Mind Blown!

You have a pretty good idea of what you want to accomplish with your new coaching business – at least the benefits of “accomplishing” right?  You know you want freedom, flexibility, the sheer happiness that comes from doing something you totally get, maybe even some extra cash flow and financial freedom.  But do you have hard milestones set?  And even more importantly, how will you know when you are close to reaching them?

It’s not as elusive a task as it may sound.  Towards the end of this article,

It will be mizu shingen mochi clear, ok? (I just thought this was so cool)

I’ll give you a list to follow each and every time you set a goal.  Business Goal + Measurement = Achievements!

I have to tell some rather uncomfortable truths here.  For years I created businesses but never really measured a thing <gasp>, yeah, I know, brutal.  But I didn’t know.  I thought, if you build it, they will…show up and buy and be happy.  On occasion, I may have set a goal, like I want x amount in sales today, or 10 new email sign ups.  But I never once looked at how I would make that happen, much less measure my progress.  And as you can horrifically imagine, I had little to none.  Mostly, I spent days spinning wheels with perceived progress because I was always building, creating something new, dreaming, changing things, that was productive right?

Acting out the parts you want to play in your fairy tale is not productivity. [Tweet This]

Do you do this?

Okay, so let’s get specific, but simple.  You want to get clients.  You want clients in your program.  You want clients to purchase your program.  Let’s say you want 5 clients to purchase your program.  If 1% of visitors to your site [Marketing Sherpa & Kevin Gold] (meaning, people reading your blog, following your social media, checking out your stuff, etc.) convert then you need to do some math.

For every 500 visitors, technically, you’ll get 5 clients.  Now, hold up on your enthusiasm.  It isn’t quite as crazy easy as that.  This is IF your site is holding potential client’s attention.  IF they are reading, IF they are following, IF they are using your stuff, inspired and interacting. Let me explain it another way – You know that by tracking activity on your site [Google Analytics][ClickTale] that you have about 20% of visitors returning (good possibility that those will follow).  Are you seeing a percentage of your return visitors signing up?

Now, out of 4000 visitors, 800 come back and stay with you a while (join your list), of that 800, 8 sign up for your program.  Does that make sense?

IF, IF, If, if….

Don’t hang your head, stiff upper lip now.

I have plenty of tips, resources, and how-to’s coming your way that will show you how to assess your online presence as to whether it is doing just that – speaking to your people, holding their attention, and keeping them.  And at the end of this article, I’ll have that list for you along with resources to help you get started if you haven’t already.

Choose a business goal and work backwards like this:

I want 5 clients in my program by August 15th.

I need 500 people to follow my work.

I need 2500 visitors to my site.

I will drive 2500 people to my site over the next 90 days by:

            [Enter Social Media Goal]

            [Enter Blog Goal (x amount of articles per week)]

You get the idea.  So noooowww…you have goals, you have numbers, how will you measure these goals?  This is precisely the “This” that I learned that blew my mind.

When you have hard goals, hard numbers, hard measurement, you control the outcome! 

It’s far better than acting out the roles in your own fairy tale!  There are many ways to measure.  If you are aiming at 2500 people visiting your site then you measure through Google Analytics or ClickTale.  If you see that your average daily visits are 10 people, obviously you need to step it up if you are going to reach your goal.  If you see that your monthly visits topped 4000, but only 100 returned…something on your site isn’t working as it should.  Check out specific page visits and behavior, but alas, I digress (we’ll get to that).  My point is – you do control the flow – you do control the outcome.  Your outcome.

No fairy tale needed.

You can do this.  Set a 21 day challenge to observe your site statistics aka visitors’ behavior.  If you need help sticking to it – check out these fun (but totally effective) apps/sites:  21 Habit, 43 Things, Beeminder and tell me if you used them.  Hell, I’ll even do the challenge with you – I ALWAYS have elements of my business to work on.  Find the Sacred Geometry in the measurement of your business <gasp> I am totally going to research that!

“When I observe, I learn, When I learn, I do, When I do, things change. [Tweet This]  Michelle Anne

Here is your list:

  1. Create ONE business goal

  2. Go backwards – How will you achieve that?

  3. What steps will you take to get there?

  4. How will you measure it?

  5. What will you do if your observations show that things are not working?

  6. What will you change?

  7. What is your timeline?

  8. How will you hold yourself accountable (what tools will you use?  Friends, family, colleagues, apps, blogging, etc.)

Recap – You must measure.  It will change the way you see your business, it will help you see more possibilities, it will change your outcome.  It could, quite possibly, blow your mind.  Apply the example with percentages to your business.  Set your goals (go through the list), employ tools, people, fun.

My Mania Mantra:  I do my best to give you clarity, and help you see building your coaching business in a way that makes more sense for your unique mind.   I   don’t have all the answers, but no one does.  Build your awesome coaching business – consciously.  

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