Make Your Coaching Irresistible!

Your coaching program is you.  It is your insight, inspiration, and talents in full swing.  You are helping others achieve their goals.  But is it irresistible?  I developed a tool to help you make sure you are offering everything you could be with your coaching service or program, so your people love it, need it, buy it!

You Must Try This

First I want to share why I created the Irresistible Tool.  Have you ever had an experience with a company, an order, or a service that you absolutely loved?  I mean, you would move the stars to continue working with them and in fact, even offered to move them with you the next time you relocate.  The experience was THAT good.


If I have you for a day, I’ll want you for a week. If I have you for a week, I’ll want you for another week.
Michael Stein

Some of my favorite experiences in purchasing a product or service gave me an element of surprise or unexpected add-ons and choices, great help, and even just plain fun sprinkled in.  From choosing samples, getting cookies with office supplies, a surprise gift…a special letter, each of these have stuck in my mind and probably always will.  Several in fact, I still interact with because I love the experience they provide even if the actual need or act is kind of boring (like ordering office supplies).

I started to wonder how this can be applied to coaching, so coaches can craft the perfect mix and the most irresistible service or program.  And…since I’m so visual, I created a visual tool for you to filter your current offerings through and as a checklist for your next new program or service.  Here you go!

program checklist imagecr

What Each Piece Means for You & Your People

Alliances – Create alliances with colleagues and people you’ve networked with to add to your program/service. Like adding a cooking class to your health coaching, a makeover to your life coaching, a branding package to your business coaching.

Connection – Offer a component that connects your people to a community – whether it is your community (one that you build with other clients in your program/service) or another that compliments, something that is ongoing – help them feel connected.

Relevant – Make sure your program/service is relevant to your client personas’ needs. By developing your client personas fully, you will know exactly what type of program or service is relevant to their lives.

Ease of Use – Your program/service should be easy to use, access, engage, and implement. Meaning, how easy is it to contact you, join calls, watch content, read content, as well as to use across devices.

Choices – Everyone should always have choices. Include options for when your people can work with you and how they can pay for your program/services. Choices make people feel more at ease.

Add-ons – Create ways to extend your touch. You can do this by adding on a monthly group call/meeting to your program/service as an example. Extend your contact with your people to long after the program ends.

Compliments - Brainstorm on physical products that can enhance your program/service. Maybe this is something you create or you bring in – an example would be a line of supplements for your health coaching or a series of mediation audios for your spiritual coaching.

Can You See the Beauty in Creating Something So Complete?

It isn’t difficult.  Even if you just start making sure you get a few of the elements added on to your service or program, then add more, then more … before you know it, you’ll be creating your programs and services with all of these irresistible elements without even thinking about it.  More importantly, you will be offering a total experience for your people, something they will love…something THAT good.

All my love & admiration,

Michelle Anne

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