I’m Taking a Stand (for Coaches Everywhere)!

You’ve got to work towards something in building your coaching business.  We all do.  I’ll bet though, as a life, wellness, spiritual, or business coach – you get caught up in one of two worlds:

You must play BIG, go for your DREAMS, and make MILLIONS to have the life you want.


You must GIVE and be HUMBLE regardless of the MONEY or your own needs – you are a person of service after all.

Your industry – coaching – demands a lot of you.  Not only does it demand that you lift others towards their goals, but that YOU reach goals you may not even have or just forego your own goals and make them simply to help others.

I have to take a stand. 

I don’t agree with either.  What happened to working towards something that simply makes you happy (and happy means being able to pay bills, share joy, do fun things, leave an impact, live comfortably, help others, plan for your future)?  Why does this industry push so hard for us to want something more than what we want?

What if you worked to create a coaching business that is sustainable, effective, and deeply satisfying?

Let’s look at goals for a moment.  One of the biggest reasons that coaches become coaches is because they know they can make a difference for someone else AND they want freedom for themselves.  But what does freedom mean exactly?  Actually freedom is defined differently for everyone.  Freedom is not making millions of dollars with a company you built, necessarily.  For some, that is not freedom at all, but quite the opposite.  Freedom can mean – making your own daily schedule as it best fits you, making enough money to live comfortably, give to others, travel a bit, not work for someone else, not forced to support something you don’t believe in, not tied to any location, free to do whatever makes you happy.

You need to rewrite the definition of success: the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

Pffft.  For me, that definition is:

Success – the attainment of happiness through simplicity, giving, and living a sustainable, enriching life. [Tweet This]

That’s my success.  What is your definition of success?  What would make you happy right now?  Wait, let me step back a moment.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t can’t, or won’t make millions.  If that is your goal – go for it!  I’m actually part of the Millionaire Girls Movement which empowers women to earn their worth and own their future (whatever that is).  If your goal is to give as much as you can and live on the smallest amount of income possible in order to be able to give away as much as you can – then go for it!

I’m taking a stand on the perception of and expectation of success for entrepreneurs, coaches, and the like. 

Let’s get back to living within our means.  Not far above or way below.  Not struggling to get paid what we are worth or far more than what is reasonable – but fair and comfortable.  Then go from there.  We, as coaches and entrepreneurs need to realize the impact we have on the economy and create sustainable businesses that nurture exchange and growth for a lifetime, so it positively impacts generations.  Your nature as an entrepreneur is often (not always) to jump in and demand of yourself that you create greatness in a day.  I know, because well, I’ve been known to attempt that a time or two.

Building your coaching business on someone else’s definition of success is a fragile foundation at best and ultimately contributes nothing to society, it actually takes away. [Tweet This]

But it is so easy to get swept up in the glamour.  I can remember attending an event where a coach presented her program that I so wanted to be a part of.  I couldn’t afford it.  I was not there yet and I was truly devastated that I wasn’t “there” yet.  I was angry at myself for not working hard enough to be that “successful.”  Shame on me.

No, I mean it really, shame on me for thinking that way, for defining my success by someone else’s standards (and quite unrealistic ones at that)!

Looking back, I can see how it was all put together.  That program was placed out in front of hundreds of attendees dangling like the golden carrot.  “If only” I could be a part of THAT program then I would be seen as successful and would have to succeed as a result …right?  I’m not bashing the coach, I still follow her today, but it was most definitely a form of marketing that is not a feel good.   It also made the focus of success all about money.  And, it really is not about the money – it is about living well and as a result, helping others to do the same.

So build sustainably.  Look at what you need, then what you want, and create in stages.  Have the patience to build your coaching business with the strongest foundation possible so that what you contribute is here long after you…would that not be totally awesome?  I think it would be.

I value determination.  More than that, I value patience infused with an integrity and strength of mind.  Giving and helping is beautiful.  Giving and helping and earning what you are worth is outright gorgeous, stunning and seductive!  Create your coaching business based on your values, your needs, your determination, and your wants (in that order) – it will outlive you in its contributions.

Take a stand – live within your means and GROW your means, so others learn to do the same. [Tweet This]

Love what you do, if you don’t, change it; If you can’t change it right away, then just add a little of what you love to do to your life.  Add to, instead of trying to take away.

This is your world, your coaching business, your contribution – make it strong!  Make it fit your definition of success.  Tell me what YOU think…

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