How to Start Your Coaching Business Off Right: (the little things most won’t tell you)


It always starts the same:  You have tons of ideas and you know exactly how you want motivate your Life Coaching or Wellness Coaching clients.  You have a method that is yours.  You also have no problem working one-on-one with clients daily, that’s a breeze.  Problem is…you don’t have a steady stream of clients…yet.

Many Life Coaches and Wellness Coaches start well, but miss the key components for setting up a path for clients to flow in through.  It starts with the right kind of attitude (which I seriously doubt you lack), but more importantly, maintaining that passionate attitude with your first clients (and every client thereafter), they will be the start of your stream.  It comes down to doing things right from the start, but many don’t know what that is…let me shed some light.

Doing the right thing for someone else was like a tonic for me; it was like some magic ointment that made a wound disappear.  Susie Bright


As a coach you are going to be the driving force behind your clients and their success. This means that you need to demonstrate passion for what you do (of course). Your passion is going to help spur and motivate your clients to reach their goals and then tell their friends, it will be contagious.  That is why fortifying your positive attitude is paramount to your success.  Above all, never let that falter! (Like a super hero).


Passion for your business must come from within yourself.

It is deeply rooted in the reasons you wanted to become a coach in the first place. If you are not sure what your passion is ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What motivates you each morning to run your online coaching business?

  2. What are your goals for your business?

  3. What do you want to come out of this experience, no matter how long it takes?

Being a good coach means believing in yourself and having the confidence to help others. These are your convictions and they should be deeply rooted. You know you have the expertise to be a coach and feel that it is your life’s work to do so. After all, if you maintain focus on your own personal goals for your business, you’ll be sure to maintain consistency with your clients.

So cool how that works.

Once you have your motivation and passion in place your next step is to work on growing your business. This includes delivering a great coaching experience to someone. You may even want to offer a reduced price to your first couple of coaching clients. In exchange all you ask for are some testimonials from them. Testimonials are really helpful, not only do they serve to boost your business, but they remind YOU why you do what you do.

Because you do rock, right? 

Let’s look at some specific components of your coaching that are really important (like really, really) to the actual growth of your business.

One area of coaching that you need to pay attention to is that of being available to your clients. You should have an easy way for them to book appointments, and to contact you. Set up a dedicated email just for your clients and be available on Skype or instant messenger.

One of the biggest determinates of success (if not THE one) is this:

Solving an interface problem.  That means making your interaction (whether it is through coaching, through software you’ve developed, or purchasing a product you’ve made) super easy.  Making contact with you should be the easiest thing ever!

When setting up your coaching program you should have set up details of your availability. Stick to these explicitly and treat this time as your office hours. If you promised clients they could email you unlimited questions each week then ensure that emailing you only requires a click of link or button and that you reply promptly. Your clients are relying on you for advice and guidance.   Quickness and reliability of response (basic customer service) is the number one reason I will stay with one person or service over another, honest.

You should also get into the habit of asking your clients for feedback. This can be extremely helpful at fine tuning your program even though it may be really uncomfortable to ask or hear the response.

Let me give you a super secret tip: 

Use a service like My Fancy Hands to make phone calls for you.  After completing a program with a client, have My Fancy Hands make a quick call to follow up and ask 3 really important questions regarding your client’s experience with you.  The reason you have someone else do this – people are less likely to be really honest with you for fear of offending or hurting your feelings.  Their responses, if spoken directly to you, will not always be the most honest answers.  The really honest answers/feedback contains the information that will help you grow your business the most!  Take the pressure off of your clients and let them give feedback to someone unbiased.  Be open to receiving feedback and be willing to act on it. This really will be one of the best ways to grow and develop your coaching business.

It is never easy growing your Coaching Business. 

I’ve been there many times; I have worked with many Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches, and Spiritual Coaches all over the world growing their own businesses.  Heck, I’m even here again, building a Coaching business, lol.  And I don’t think the industry is always honest with you in what it takes.  I’ll always tell you the truth that I know, because anything less is irresponsible.

Much love & admiration,

Michelle Anne

As always, meet me on the sofa, let’s chat.


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