How to Handle Setbacks in Building Your Coaching Business

Failure. It’s something we all fear.

It’s your absolute favorite thing right?  Probably not.  I know you are afraid of it to the point that it can stand in the way of your success.  Especially when building your life coaching or wellness coaching business, the risk is scary.

Isn’t it ironic that in trying so hard to avoid your fears, you end up hugging them tightly to your chest? What’s up with that?

Don’t Let That Be You!

It cannot be denied that we all view failure negatively and accept it as a personal flaw. Let’s face it, sometimes it feels as if only the winners get the glory. They are deserving of their winnings because of their hard work, yes, but more importantly because of their ability to push through the setbacks.

The losers, on the other hand are the ones that don’t try hard enough (I’m being honest about feelings here whether rational or not).   And it naturally follows that we feel that we get what we deserve, failure. Right?

So Not True!

Failure is over-rated. It is a state of mind that is empowered by you. All of these stories you have learned about winners and losers and somehow you deserving failure are not true! You have given these stories power by believing in them. It’s about time you shed some light on your own mindsets and end this cycle of the fear of failure causing many (maybe you) to never even begin.

What you have believed to be failure in your life is not, it is no more than a setback.  Simply change your perspective.  Look at what you can learn from the setback, like why it occurred, how could you have avoided it, would you do it differently?

Learning From Something Is Actually Called Growth, Not Failure.

So grow.  Apply your new wisdom to your goal and keep going.  Accept that you will have setbacks in any endeavor, especially in building your coaching business which is to say, you will have growth.  Who doesn’t want that?

Much love & admiration,

Michelle Anne

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