Good Coach or Great Coach? Here’s the Difference.

A good Life coach can help someone move forward, a great Life coach can lead someone to achieve things they never thought possible? Which would you prefer to have – the good Life coach or the great Life coach? How would you rate yourself (honestly)? If you truly want a successful online coaching business then excellent leadership skills should totally be your middle name.

As a leader you need to give your clients support while on the other hand show them that you’re not a softie. Here are some guidelines that will help you demonstrate to your clients what a great coach you are.
Help your clients to be leaders in their own lives.

First on the list is being supportive. Huh? Of course. Sounds like a no-brainer right, I mean, you ARE a Life coach. You’d be surprised at how many coaches out there coach through their own agenda, letting true support fall by the wayside. This leaves a client feeling unheard, lost, and confused – not good.

You know the type.

While it is not always an easy task, help your clients overcome their fears. Give them a mixture of understanding and firm encouragement. Remind them of how successful they were in past challenges and how they felt when they were really on top of their goals.

Secondly, you must have a vision. Yes, you. How could you help your clients to see their own vision without one of your own? Both business and personal visions of your own can help you lead your clients to realize theirs. Walk the talk baby.

Be true to yourself and your clients.

The third must have as a leader is integrity. Always be honest with your clients. Help them to develop personal accountability for their successes and failures. This will help them to note what they should’ve or didn’t do and put the necessary steps in place to reach their goals the next time around. Show them that taking responsibility for their #$%@ doesn’t mean placing blame on self – it simply means owning the choices one has made. Be the Buddha, girl (or guy).

Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t change with…the weather. It is your inner picture of yourself… John D. MacDonald

I say, make a great one.

But don’t be too woo woo okay – I can’t stand that. It’s like being duped, you feel good in the moment and it all sounds wonderful, then later you realize you didn’t really get anything and your time was stolen. A total integrity killer.

Listen to your clients. This is how you will get to know them and be better able to take action at the right time. Use your instincts (yes, you do have them!) but use some cold, hard facts and proven strategies too – the mix of approaches and leadership strategies makes your client feel safe and confident in your ability to show them the way, no matter what it is.

Be a step ahead by asking the right questions.

Be yourself. As a Life coach, you have something that is uniquely you. Don’t give it up. This is what your clients love about you and what brought them to you in the first place. There is no reason why your coaching style cannot reflect your personality. And guess what, this will help your own clients to find out who they really are and be true to themselves in both their business and personal lives.

Yeah, yeah, it is like your mother said, “lead by example.”

Lastly, but definitely not the least important, always remember to be respectful to your clients. This doesn’t mean that you will always agree. However, both you and your clients can learn to respect each other’s views. You will instinctively know when to press your point forward or be gentle. This will show your clients how to view all the points of a situation first before taking action.

One of the main reasons you started your online Life coaching business was to show people how to be leaders in their own right, in their lives and destiny. There is no better way to coach someone than leading by example. Yes, mom.

Much love & admiration,
Michelle Anne
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