8 Ways to Find Your People & Get More Clients

You have a few coaching clients right? Or maybe you haven’t even landed that first “real” client. It is even quite possible that you’ve had times of plenty of clients, but there always seemed to be this invisible cap or wall or whatever…bottom line, there wasn’t enough flowing your way.

You need more clients and while you do social media, you have a website (maybe even a blog), and you are part of a local networking group, it just isn’t enough. I know, I get you. It happens to all of us – even those that come across as consistently successful.

I’m sure you don’t need me to say that your enthusiasm and level of effort that existed when you started – must continue. Matter of fact, you must put forth a steady, consistent amount of work every day, checking the data to see where things are falling short so you can adjust. Growing your life coaching (or any coaching) business is built on how many times you can push forward, fall back, fall down, get up, push forward, fall back…you know what I mean? I totally dread this ebb and flow and yet, I know that it is an absolute necessity and I have learned to embrace it albeit not so happily at times. Eh…I am human and so are you.

Side Track: Create your down strategies just like your up strategies.

Huh? What do I mean by that? Sorry for the side track, but I feel the need to say this. First know that I’m going to give you some ideas of how to get more clients by first showing you how another coach really knew her people (a great story). I’ll share 8 ways where most coaches forget to look or overlook in their strategies for growing their coaching business. It isn’t whether there are enough clients – it is a matter of which ones are yours (your people) and how will you reach them. But back to the down and the up. Right now, we are talking about your up strategy – it is what you are doing when you are up and motivated, moving forward. But we both know you can’t be that way forever. However, the show must go on in order for you to succeed, so honor your down time with down strategies. Create a strategy for how things will get done when you are not so motivated or need inspiration. It is our “go to” when the building of your business is more like floating so you don’t drown. No worries though, we’ll discuss these two strategies in another article.  Back to the point.

There are over 40,000 Google searches every single month for “life coaches.”

Ehhem…I think there are plenty of clients to go around. Let me share a story: Linda had worked in health care most of her life. She raised kids and did the wife thing. But at 52, she found herself terribly bored with working for yet another practice, her kids were gone and her relationship was no doubt suffering from her own overall lackluster for her life as it was. She loved talking with the clients that would come into the practice she worked for. Matter of fact, of the 3 different practices she had worked for in the last 15 years, that was her favorite part. Some patients would actually come in just to say hi, mention their latest challenge or success and thank her for her support.

Linda always saw the potential in people and during the check in process in the practice she would always ask of the patients, “What’s your latest woohoo?” They would look at her kind of strange at first, but quickly caught on and Linda always left them with a challenge to achieve their next “woohoo” before she saw them again.
Fast forward. Linda made the decision to become a life coach, actually a “later in life coach” – that decision alone made her feel alive again. She really enjoyed helping the older people that came through the practice keep that spark and love of life through achieving, growing, and loving. While Linda was pursuing her life coach certification, she thought about how she would get her clients – she could not recruit them straight from the practice, she would have to find other avenues.

Here is what she knew: she knew a ton of details about her target audience. She knew what they did in their free time, what their biggest complaints (emotional pains) were, what they looked like, age, gender, what kind of cars they drove, what they bought, what mattered to them, what they did (and where they went) on a regular basis – like fitness, shopping, eating, etc. She began to ask very targeted questions like, “Do you use Facebook?” She made a list.

You must know your target audience as if they were your best friend that you’ve known for years!

More coaches than you’d expect, fail to fully understand who their target audience is and as a result – don’t understand their target audience at all. They may have a few details that are general – like age, gender, big picture desires, but not much more.

Linda knew exactly where to reach her clients.

She talked with a few of the fitness clubs and worked out a referral deal. She offered free classes at the library, she placed cards inside the magazines at the hair salons and oil change places, and she was able to place ads near the shopper deals at the grocery store. She left information at different medical practices, physical therapy offices, and more. She even held meetups at their favorite restaurants.

Cool, but what about online?

Linda’s audience was primarily local, but she knew she had to grow something for the long-term, so ignoring the internet or a wider reach would not be a wise decision. She targeted Facebook. She got a website up, chose colors based on the favorite colors her patients used to wear. She even used language they were accustomed to – in phrases from their era (they used to joke about slang during their era at her day job). She used images, songs, movies from her target audiences’ generation. She spoke to them through visual, audio, written words – all in their language, their era, through what mattered to them most.

They loved it. Linda loved her life.

Linda grew her life coaching business at a steady pace. If something didn’t work or her numbers didn’t maintain a steady growth, she’d ask some important questions at her next meetup. She coached in short, more frequent sessions because it worked well for her demographics. She wasn’t afraid to constantly change things that were not working. She kept searching till she tapped in.

What Linda had done for years unknowingly was market research. So when she finally made that decision to “just go girl” she had a big part of what she needed to flourish. And flourish she did.  The spark she helped others find – found her as well, and her life became richer, more fulfilling as a result.

Now back to you.

It doesn’t happen that way for everyone. Most of us, have to do the research first, it doesn’t walk in the front door of our day job. But there are lots of ways you can do this.

Here are 8 ways to find your people & get more clients:

1.  Hire a freelancer through Odesk.

2.  Hire through Fiverr. Hire a few actually and compare what each of them find.

3.  Go to Forums and join the discussion.

4.  Go to your competitors’ comment sections on their blogs and read the feedback.

5.  Join Linked in groups.

6. Search on Twitter for conversations.

7.  Check Yahoo Answers.

8.  Start a local meetup and create a beta group to learn from.

Whatever you do – don’t stop. Know your ideal client (aka target audience) inside and out then speak to them in their language. Infuse everything with what matters to them most.

That’s your Woohoo challenge – we’ll talk about your achievement next time we meet ;)

My Mania Mantra: Right now, today, I can share a story with you to inspire you, make you laugh, help you see what’s possible. I hope it moves you forward.

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