10 Things Female Villains Taught Me About Building My Coaching Business

I love female villains.  Okay, so maybe they aren’t really villains, but they come across as villains because they are on a mission and don’t take any $%#.  Usually it is some gut wrenching tragedy that has befallen them and they are seeking justice (or revenge… maybe they teeter on that line of villain).  Do you ever imagine yourself as running your coaching business with a no more nice girl (or guy), not taking no for an answer, gonna get what I want kind of attitude?  No?  I knew you’d say that.  Let me rephrase this:

Build your coaching business with a refuse to give up (scary zombies, bad guys, gun hauling armies can’t stop me), determined to reach my goal (I’m so driven by my desire for justice, revenge, get my kid back kind of drive), fierce independence ( I need no one, can do this and birth a baby while I’m scaling a mountain side) will not settle for less (will not settle for failure or lack of respect or any attempt at intimidation) kind of attitude.

That’s better.  Watching a kickass female heroine blaze through her obstacles (greasy bad guys) to reach a most in your face victory is quite motivating.  I mean, how much can everyday women relate to this super charged, badass female overcoming her own fears to push through the hardest part of her life to get what she knows she deserves to be free?

Umm, I can relate to this every single day.

She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

There is a certain allure to this type of woman, far more attractive than the latest cover model of Vogue, something raw, true, and determined.  Some of my absolute favorites are:

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

Selene in Underworld

Aeon Flux

Sarah Connor in Terminator

Violet Song in Ultraviolet

Alice in Resident Evil

Discovering this in yourself, allows you to build a coaching business that lets the very essence of you  that people find undeniably intoxicating (in a good way, mind you) glow through the exterior that we are taught to build in order to “succeed.”

That staged exterior is the very thing that will hold you back from the thing you want most.  It has its place in certain circumstances, but without the ability to sweep it aside for your inner badass girl to step up…it will always limit you.

Run your coaching business like Lara Croft & Sarah Connor (my two A-list faves) would.

I can imagine Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) as a coach.  She’d probably be an awesome Life Coach.  She’d tell it like it is and listen intensely.  But I’ve digressed.  Think about how she would run her business:  Lara Croft would…

  1. Make a plan, but remain flexible & adaptable to whatever comes her way.

  2. Be productively aggressive (but fairly quiet), smart and direct in her strategy.

  3. Never give up – ever!

  4. Does her homework, research, discover, and leverage.

  5. Would not let anyone sway her intentions or get in her way of success.

  6. Eliminate the obstacles.

  7. Utilize other people’s talents to achieve her mission.

  8. Be fearless in her endeavors.

  9. Have all of the tools necessary at close reach.

  10. Be incredibly decisive!

That’s exactly how I imagine Lara Croft (and Sarah too) would run her coaching business and I think it probably isn’t a bad idea for the rest of either.  We can, however, avoid the slaughter, weapons, and danger.  Look at each of the points above – do you do this?  Can you?  How would you go about it – what would it mean for you to be incredibly decisive or what tools would be necessary to have at close reach in building and growing your coaching business?

Take a few minutes to go through the list and see just how badass you can be!

Be courageous. It’s one of the only places left uncrowded. – Anita Roddick

As Always,

meet me on the sofa,

Michelle Anne

P.S. Who is favorite female villain/heroine?

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