Coaches, Sending Your Content By Bottle is Risky…Here’s a Better Option.

So now you have the outline of your fabulous coaching program in place and you’re wondering “How am I going to actually reach my clients?” and “How am I going to deliver my coaching program?”

Here’s How It Works!

There are multiple ways you can choose to deliver your content. “Skyping” and calling over the phone are convenient ways to do your coaching.  One additional conference service in addition to Skype (that totally rocks) that is my favorite is Uberconference.  You can also mix and match your own combo by doing the first session by Skype or phone and then with online tutorials. So how would you get started?

Emailing your content is one of the easiest ways to deliver your lessons. However, free services (such as Yahoo or Gmail) can have delivery issues the moment you add an attachment or send in bulk.  These are not scalable options, meaning, they will not grow easily with your business.

Not To Worry.

Membership software or autoresponders (such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact) can solve this problem. But you should consider the differences between the two before making your decision.

Membership software has several benefits like having a shopping cart payment system included which means instant payments for products or services.   A membership account can be created instantly for your clients and just like that your clients have access to any available content like program videos, bonus material, or even homework assigned by you, their coach. You can also determine whether new content is released weekly or monthly.  Membership software can give you more control and flexibility in how you interact with your clients.  WordPress does allow you to password protect pages which is simplest way to create a membership platform on your website (more on that below), but you can also add a free plugin like S2Member.  Check it out!

The autoresponder service allows you to email your leads and clients but you can include links that connect your clients to specific sites or pages of your website like you see here in this article. This solution is ideal when you are just starting your coaching online.  While membership sites sometimes offer this service there may be bandwidth issues because they go through your website.  Amazon S3 is a service that can help you deal with this.

Still More Options To Go!

Using Dropbox or your WordPress website are other cheap ways to deliver your content. Dropbox allows you to store your content online (via the cloud).  Simply add your content and send your clients the links.

On your WordPress site you can create password protected pages. Clients can access each section of the course when you send them the correct passwords. In other words you could have your own membership site without the cost.

Cool Huh?

So whether you choose to simply Skype with your clients, have a membership site or just simply email them, you can now deliver your content to your clients in a number of cost-effective, reliable ways so you can focus on the heart of the matter.

Much love & admiration,

Michelle Anne

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