Coaches, Stop Spending Money on Information and Programs! Here’s Why:

I bet you have files of information and training programs on your computer and on the shelves in your office.  You have that 1000 video training series on how to build your email list or 50 templates for organizing your social media, etc.  I am pretty sure that they all have value, that they all have some piece of information that could really help you.  But…

When will you get to all of that information?  When will read the files, when will you find time to watch the videos…and more important than that – When will you implement it all?

One day, right?

Well that isn’t doing you any good right now.  The money you’ve spent is not returning anything on your investment.  Your intentions are in the right place and you probably bought something totally relevant to growing your coaching business – but, there is something else missing here.  Till you know this and use it – please stop spending on information and training!

There are two questions that you need to ask yourself before you spend another dime on Information or training.  I’ll share them with you in just a sec.  I would like to share a story first; this one is about me when I was a life coach.

I got sucked in.  The first training program I bought was this really cool set of audio cds, huge, filled to the brim binder (with tabs), set of templates, membership to the discussion forum, and probably more.  After reading bits here and there and watching a quick video, I felt sure that this was the training that would push my coaching business over the edge so that it spilled into the success of my dreams.

I paid a small fortune for it.  But that was okay, because I would get it all back and then some right?  I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  I just knew that by this time next month, I’d be scheduling clients right and left, doing what I loved and not having to work so hard at building my business because it was going to all be spelled out for me in that neatly packed, information powerhouse of a package on its way to my door any day now.

The day arrived.  I received the package and immediately opened it pouring over the lovely cds, books, binder, notes, templates, and probably more.  I quickly set up my account and logged in to my forum and found tons of others happily diving in to their training.  Questions reigned and I knew I had found my catalyst.  This was it.

I read through the quick start guide and all the amazing testimonials.  I popped in my first cd, added ear buds and off I ventured into the land of success bound training.  Three hours later, I had a pile of notes, several modules completed and felt pretty good about my day’s accomplishments.  It was time I gave some attention to my regular business tasks, then kids, chores, and probably more.

The days went on and the same pattern repeated itself till the training started to get pushed aside.  I delved into the files that I received as my bonus – but there were so many.  I dipped my toe into conversations in the discussion forum, but it began to feel like such a sea of distraction.


Expectation is the mother of all frustration.  Antonio Banderas


Before I knew it, the binder was on my shelf, files untouched.  I worked on a few of the tactics in the training, trying to add them to my business building, but I (admittedly) felt lost and unsure.  Much of it required more time, more money, more training.  I felt discouraged and ashamed of spending the money.  Surely the fault lied with me because I dropped the ball and didn’t complete it.  Lesson learned.

Not Really.  I would revisit this pain again and again, many “programs and packages” later.

Has this ever been the case for you as a coach?  Have you ever felt like you failed yourself and your business by not completing a training program that you purchased?

Let’s put a stop to the misery immediately.  Do not buy another piece of information or training until you ask these two crucial questions:

  1. Does this information or training include the accountability or support to implement what I learn immediately?

  2. If not, do I have the support in place (either a team, assistant, or really great person willing to help) to implement the training into my business immediately and keep it going?

In all my years as a coach and as an assistant to coaches, the biggest problem that I have seen with this scenario isn’t that the program doesn’t work.   It isn’t even that you lack motivation, but that you…

Lack the scaffolding and support to build it out and make it happen.

I have three simple steps for you to use the next time you see a training program or information system that you would like to invest in:

  1. Ask the questions above – does the system have something already in place to make sure you get it done?

Let me give you an example of this with a program I am about to launch.  I created Done in a Day, a whole year of business planning done in one day!  I help you create a year’s worth of business actions down to daily to-do’s for your business growth goals.  It is awesome and gives you so much peace of mind.  Now, I am releasing a book too.  The book of course gives you the simple, beautiful system all wrapped up nicely.

But what happens once you get the book and read it?  You’ve learned the system, but what are the chances of you getting it done?  Much less, quickly and in a way you can begin implementing immediately.

The Done in a Day virtual program is designed to give you the opportunity (and choice) to implement the system with me, to have someone making sure you not only learn it, but do it.

That’s great right?  But what happens when you complete your year’s plan and even have the daily to-do actions, but you hit some rough points along the way?  Do you think there is a chance that you might not follow through?  Maybe.

In addition to the book and the virtual program, I also offer an accountability group program that meets monthly to make sure you stay on track, share challenges in a small group setting and share your achievements and progress.

Doneinaday_longshadowWith these options – you can’t fail.  You’ll have the information, the system, someone to help you learn it, do it, and maintain it.  By the way,  Done in a Day launches in November.  Send me an email if you’d like to know more specifics ahead of time and get a really good discount!

That is the way every program should be, but I know that it is not always possible or realistic.

  1. As you are deciding to purchase a program, first ask what or who you need to have in place first to implement everything you learn.  Does this mean hiring or outsourcing just one person/freelancer?  Does this mean you need new software or automation capabilities within your business first?  Do you need someone who is really good at writing copy, designing, or doing a repetitive task in order to put the information you learn into practice?  Whatever it is going to realistically take – consider that first and as a possible cost in addition to the program.  It isn’t just the learning, but the implementation.  Learn + Implement = Total Cost & Success!

  2. The last thing I would ask you to do is to look at your schedule. Do you have the time right now to do this program?  How busy are you?  Is there another time that would be better?  Knowing that most training programs are time sensitive, if you have to purchase now – make sure you schedule it in your calendar as to when you will tackle it if you have the freedom to do so.

There you go – the crucial missing piece to breaking the cycle of the serial training program purchaser.

Let me know if you have experienced this below.  I’ll join you in the conversation.

All my love & admiration,

Michelle Anne



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