About Me


Like you, I’ve been a Coach, a Life Coach specifically.  I’ve actually been many things, like, completely broke, prosperous, a store owner, in other countries, a virtual business manager for coaches, on a limb, an online business operator, a marketing specialist, on a beach in the middle of the night all alone with tons of sea turtles plodding back to the ocean.  Actually, I wasn’t plodding back to the ocean, I was plodding back to what, at the time, felt very un-magical compared to the sea turtle thing.

Life is fun.

That was one sparkly, never-want-to-leave experience. I’ve had others, all adding a layer of color to my world.

What about you?

I’ve also been able to learn and apply many, many things over the years,  that have moved me ever steadily forward (I have a rather insatiable desire to learn).  But for now, the most important ones that you might be interested in are:


  • Writing content for coaching websites that attracted their perfect people.

  • Building marketing strategies for coaches getting their businesses online, fast, making money.

  • Creating an online presence that matched the physical presence of each amazingly beautiful coach.

  • Figuring out shortcuts for coaches so they could look like the pros even if they weren’t yet.

  • Gathering hundreds of resources for building a coaching business online (creating a library worthy of the most strict librarian out there).

  • Helping make sense of all the information about internet businesses for coaches – even those who claimed they had no tech skills.  That made me  a bit of a tech translator.

From coaching to supporting coaches, I have worked with people all over the world, which is such a rich experience. Now, through my knowledge of the coaching business industry, certification in inbound marketing, and sheer wit, I help those who feel particularly challenged by building a coaching business of their own.

Is This You By Chance?

You know, like the ones who just quietly close their laptop, after a full day of exploring the world of online business, step away, and crumble on the sofa because it is all so foreign and overwhelming?

I know, having another child would be easier.  Or maybe sitting through another corporate team building blah, blah, blah…

NO, Please, Not That.

I promise, it can be done and done with very little pain.  You have all that you need to get your coaching business online fast, making money & creating security!  (Although I am contemplating taking a few of you on a midnight trip to that beach with all the turtles who were plodding back to the ocean – I think it could be darn inspirational.)

“I show you shortcuts that make you look like an online coaching business whiz…shortcuts are great, they push you light years ahead of everyone else, I’ll leave the actual coaching up to you.”

Michelle Anne polaroid

Why Me?

The somewhat dry stuff:  I spent 4 years life & business coaching clients all over the world (France, the Caribbean, the U.S.).  I approached this coaching from a tangible, scientific perspective into human potential.  Then I assisted other coaches – life coaches, wellness coaches, spiritual coaches, even relationship coaches with their own businesses.  For more than 4 years, I helped them create their online presence.

Overlapping that time period, I began working in social media management and inbound marketing which gave me a current trends advantage and understanding of the industry.  I’ve assisted a multi-million dollar company in re-focusing their marketing around client personas, whoa…light bulb moment.  My experience is well rounded and perfectly matched to the work I do today.  And truly, I’m a work for myself kinda girl, always have been.  There are no sea turtles in a corporate office.


 “Building a business by default builds a life – you can’t have one without the other, or you shouldn’t, so I try to make sure you remember that.”