7 Steps to Leading Your Coaching Website Visitors Through an Amazing Experience!

I see this time and time again.  Your website took quite some time to build and you totally wanted to include everything that is important to you as a coach (aka, your story), so you did.  While I get it and I’ve done it too – your “everything I care about” world translates to “omg, I’m so confused, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do” for your visitors.  They will likely visit briefly, maybe click on a few pages in the hopes that something makes sense or is quick, too the point, but will probably just leave.  Not cool.  They couldn’t hear your song or identify with your story.

Create a song not a story.

They want an experience they can relate to – like a beautiful song that resonates with their circumstances.  So create an amazing experience!

It’s okay, I’ll help clear this up for you with 7 steps you can take to clean up your site and replace it with a beautiful song that leads your visitors through an amazing experience.  By the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of what to do in order to create a positive experience for your people which translates to happy return visits, trust, and finally, engagement.

[Side Note] Think of businesses you’ve physically entered and whether you felt clear on your next step or confused – if you were confused, did you feel safe staying there?  Hell no.  I bet you bolted fast.  So do they.

 I must confess [again] that I’ve built quite a few sites and quite a few disasters.  I always had such creative ideas and could see it all in my head like some beautiful painting of my world.

But your site isn’t your world – it’s THEIR world (or at least should be some representation of it.)

So I would throw together all this stuff.  Images, my favorite colors, a bunch of copy (words) and stories about my life…blahdy blah blah blah.  Problem is, I love to write and tend to be a little wordy (eh, what can a girl do?)  I saw this with coaches I worked with too – great stories and tons of information, even 5, 6, 7 pages!  No wonder their growth was slow, visitors to their site just didn’t know what to do, and they weren’t being safely guided or nurtured towards their goals.

That’s right – your job to safely guide your client towards their goals, starts the moment they land on your website! 

Even making the simplest change of a clear path to your call to action (and nothing else!) can increase your sign ups by 35% [website magazine].

Alright, time for some help.  Below I’m going to outline the 7 steps you can take right now to create that song, that amazing experience for your site visitors.  Imagine walking into that store again and this time, there are clear signs that say, “Welcome, begin browsing here” then “Ready to checkout?”  “Right this way” and “Payment is super fast, we’ll get you taken care of here.”  How much more secure would you feel shopping in that store?  Would you stay?  Of course.  By spelling it out for you, trust is built and you want to do the same thing for your visitors.  (Being from the South, I’ve always been taught to be a gracious host, however, I had to learn that this did not mean serving RC cola and moon pies…who knew?)

  1. Guide your visitors through a clear path ultimately (and not taking too long) to your call to action.  Take some time to create a short, concise outline that describes what you want to happen when someone visits your site.  Use that outline as a guide to creating the process on your site.

  2. Make sure your visitors feel your site is about them – do this by:  Addressing their pain immediately, give them something to relate to.

  3. You can share stories, even your own, as long as they are short, to the point, and written to your visitor, using “You” instead of “I” when you can.

  4. Be conscious of your language and make sure it is suited to your audience.

  5. Choose the colors of your website based on what your audience likes and/or colors that stimulate a specific action.

  6. Share your values.  People will follow you and buy from you based not on what you offer, but what you stand for.  (If you haven’t read this yet, check out “Your Coaching Clients Want This…Not Your Program or Your Product!” to understand this better.

  7. Above all, make it easy.  From understanding what you are about, to what you can offer, to how they can experience a little of your solution – make it all clear and super simple to achieve.

“The great thing about a song is that no one has to know your story.  But if you tell it in a way that has clarity and means something to somebody else, then it can apply to their story.”  Amy Grant

Take a good look at your site – even ask a friend or total stranger (if you can muster up the courage…sure you can!) to take look and tell you what they experience.  Sign up with ClickTale to use their reporting that shows you where people scroll, move and click on your site.  (I must admit – it is really cool and free!).  And don’t worry if you aren’t sure, this takes time and testing.  Try a few different things, layouts, words, just keep it short, simple, clear.  This does take time, you won’t get this perfect right from the start, I’m still perfecting my site too!  (One of these days…sigh).  The important part is that you are willing to put in the work to pinpoint exactly what it will take to attract your people, keep them, and engage them.  If I told you that at some point in the future, you will definitely be where you want to be, coaching clients, income, freedom, fun, love of what you do, and all…absolutely no doubt, but you have to work at it a bit, would you put in the work to get there?

“You will definitely be where you want to be, coaching clients, supportive income, freedom, fun, love of what you do, and all.  Just put in the work to get there.”  Tweet This

 My Mania Mantra:  Right now, today, I can give you steps to improve your website, so your potential clients visiting, become clients for sure.  I can tell you it isn’t instant, but it has been done and witnessed.  I hope it motivates you to put in the work.

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