5 No-Fail Steps to Successfully Growing Your Coaching Business

It’s time to get honest.  You are a coach.  You know your message (or some version of it).  You know that you have to talk to people, use social media, probably need to blog, and keep a website looking decent and providing relevant information to your people.  You probably should employ some email marketing too, maybe attend an event here and there…and then there is creating the programs, content, eye-catching headlines, book you’ve always wanted to write, publicity, speaking…oh God, is it time for bed yet?

I know that this is all in your mind somewhere.  I also know that most of you are attempting to do this alone, solo, ala numero uno.  Why?  Because you have to – because you either feel you can’t afford help or you don’t even know where to begin in getting the right help, you couldn’t decide who does what anyway, so you are better off doing it yourself.

I’m here to tell you differently and give you 5 No-Fail Steps to growing your coaching business.  Oh yes, it is possible to do the things I’m about to share with you on the smallest of budgets, even if you don’t have a clue.  If I did it as a single mom, on a very fixed income…pfft..you’ve got this.

I think one of my strengths is that I can always take advice, and I can delegate. I know a lot of people feel the need to do everything themselves, but I am not one of them.  Dasha Zhukova

You see, I once thought that doing everything myself, multi-tasking to the point of insanity, was a strength, an ability to be proud of.  Now I know that not only is it a weakness, it is a detriment and crack in the wall of the damn if not taken care of.

There are a few common issues surrounding this mindset that I would like to address before moving on to the steps:

Control – you may feel like you have to control everything or else it won’t be done right.  But in truth, if you are trying to do everything, then something isn’t getting done right …by you.  Let go of control, take a chance at succeeding a different way.  Give some faith to those incredibly talented freelancers out there that build careers on helping others and knowing what to do, the right way.  You might be blown away.

Can’t organize my thoughts – That is because you are doing too much.  You can organize your thoughts, your to-do’s, your goals, and your priorities…starting with getting help.

I wouldn’t know what to give others to do – that is easy.  Think of the tasks that you absolutely hate, loathe, push till the last minute or don’t even do at all, and hand those off.  Do you know that there is someone out there that absolutely loves to do things you don’t?  Crazy, I know, but it is true…you have the opportunity to make someone’s day by letting them do what they love.

I can’t afford it – I get this, I’ve been there.  I started my team on roughly $23 per week.  When I took that leap, I thought the same thing, I can’t afford this, I’m still scraping by as a single mom on a very limited income.  But I looked at ways I could cut back in other places to find that $23 per week and decided to run an experiment:  If after one month, the money I was investing in a team was not moving forward twice as fast as doing it all myself…I would stop.  Guess what?  I never looked back.  The time I saved, the stress I avoided, the speed at which growth was occurring was worth 10 times what I was paying out and I didn’t miss it at all.

What if it doesn’t work right – sometimes it won’t.  But you have to want your own business badly enough to take the time to experiment and find the right solutions for your steady growth.  It is all part of business.  You have to take chances, but you can be smart about it and keep things simple enough to easily and routinely assess.

It will take so long to explain to someone else – Shame on you for not giving others credit for being able to predict your needs or having experience with people like you.  There are some amazing freelancers out there that know their job so well, they can just start, present you with ideas, solutions and adjust them accordingly as you respond.  You won’t know this until you start.

If I give the work away, what will I do?  This is absolutely astonishing:  You will do what you love, what you are best at, what your purpose and passion demands of you.  Simply beautiful.  You will coach. You will guide, you will dream, create, blaze ahead.  You’ll ponder.  Try it, you’ll see.


When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble, delegate; when in charge, ponder.  James H. Boren


The No-Fail 5 Steps to Successfully Growing Your Coaching Business:

  1. Make space in your life for a budget of $25-$100 weekly.  Or more, if you have it to spend.  But most of us starting out don’t.  If that doesn’t seem possible, look where you can cut back or how you might earn a little extra money for the purpose on getting help with you dream.  There is always a way. Have a yard sale and collect enough to pay for a team for 2 months…a great exploratory period of time.

  2. Create a minimum 6 month plan for your business actions, breaking it down to daily steps.  This is crucial because it keeps you from floundering and wasting time.  It also allows you to easily see what to delegate.  It shows you exactly how your growth will occur.  (Watch for my Done in a Day business planning session to launch next month).

    Business Planning

  3. Choose which tasks you feel like avoiding or simply don’t know how to do.  Remove these from your list of to-do’s, but keep in them the time frame you want them done by.

  4. Use a service like Odesk or Fiverr to hire someone to do these tasks (you can set time allowances so you never go over budget).  If you don’t know where to begin in finding the people to help you – use a service like My Fancy Hands and place a request to find “one person to manage my social media, one person to set up my wordpress site, one person for general VA tasks”on Odesk.  Request excellent English skills and 5 star rating.  Tell them your budget and they will make it happen.  (Watch for my CoachSail program coming soon). 

  5. Start working with your team.  Communicate regularly.  Don’t be afraid to clearly state what you need and when.  Don’t be ambiguous.  If you working with people of different nationalities use direct, clear language free of emotion and slang.  Be direct and always thankful.  Don’t assume that they can’t figure things out – they will ask specifics to get the work done.  Remember, they’ve done this before, they’ve worked with people like you.   Constantly assess your team, is everyone working out?  Yes?  No?  Change team members if you need to – try out freelancers on a trial basis.  If your budget allows, try 2 general Virtual Assistants for 2 weeks – let one go after the trial period (you simply hire on a 2 week contract and don’t renew…no hard feelings, job is done).

Continue to plan and amend your 6 month plan to be more efficient and productive.  Before you know it, your coaching business’s growth will be moving ahead faster than you expected and it will feel so much easier than things do now.  You will be more clear on where things are headed, what you want, and your creativity will explode!  I’ve learned this first hand, so trust me on this.  This is a total game changer and an affordable one too!  These 5 steps, once implemented and followed, are a no-fail way to succeed.

All my love & admiration,

Michelle Anne

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