5 Ingenious Ways to Get Help Building Your Coaching Business Right NOW (even if you think you can’t afford it)

I know you have a lot on your plate and a portion of that is probably tasks that you are not even sure how to accomplish.  You are a coach, not an html coder, website builder, copy writer, graphic designer, or marketing strategist.  Are you?  No matter what talents you carry with your coaching abilities, there isn’t enough time in the day for you to do it all and remain happy, inspirational, and motivating for your clients.

I have solutions.

I talk a lot about outsourcing.  I’m trying to get you to just try it once, take a test run, and experience the freedom it gives, the growth it spurs, and the paradigm shift it creates for you and your coaching business.


If you want small changes, work on your attitude.  But if you want big & primary changes, work on your paradigm.  Stephen Covey

What would it take to get you to just experiment a little?  No, I’m not trying to get you to do anything illegal, but mind-altering…maybe.  You see, I know what outsourcing and building a team has done for me.  I know the incredible shift it created and how I will never, ever go back to solo building.  I still run the show, mind you and I plan everything, but that is just it…I can plan, I have the time.

Let me share 5 super easy ways to start building your team right now:

My Fancy Hands

While the name is a little uncertain – let me assure you, this service rocks!  My Fancy Hands is not your typical outsourcing service, they do things a little differently and it seems to totally work.  You purchase a monthly subscription for as little as $25.  For that you get 5 requests per month.  These requests can be anything under the sun…personal, business, research, phone calls, reminders, appointments, etc.  Post your request and it will be taken care of.  Check out this review .  My experience has been that all requests are taken care of within 24 hours and usually way less.  There is no long term commitment and you can cancel at any time and unused requests rollover.  It is a seamless process and extremely great for taking those annoying, small, but time consuming tasks off your hands.  Hmmm…My Fancy Hands, I get it now, lol.

This team is a great way to take a test drive with outsourcing.

Odesk  is my fave.  I use it weekly,  Matter of fact, most of my team resides there.  Okay, I know they don’t “live” in Odesk, but it sure feels like it at times.  I log in – check messages, communicate with my team, check their work diaries to see what they’ve been working on and adjust time budgets, tasks, and even recruit new team members.  This platform is super easy to navigate and makes team building a breeze.  Set up an account, there is no commitment, post a job (they’ll walk you through it).  Again, there is no commitment to hire – and just see what happens.  Look at the responses you get and how fast they come rolling in.  That means that the dreaded task to set up your wordpress site or create a database or forms to better manage your clients can be done overnight!  Imagine that – your desk miraculously clearing!  Oooodesk..totally new meaning.   Check out this Digital Nomad video on Odesk – enlightening!

Fiverr has to be the most fun outsourcing adventure ever!  Log in and just search for a while, look at all the zaney, un thought of tasks people can do for you.  From very practical and useful to absolutely silly – Fiverr freelancers can move you forward for as little as $5.  What’s really at stake to experiment with such a small investment?  Get a banner made, a press release written, a logo made, a flyer made, you can even get intro videos and jingles created…for $5!  I’m not kidding.  Give it a try – it is quite addictive, but in a very good way.

CoachSail is unique and the big kahuna here.  This service is exclusive to coaches and is for those coaches who have reached their limit in managing their business’s growth and are actually failing to move forward because of their overload.  CoachSail is also for those coaches who know they need a team to make that next income leap and level of success.  It is a commitment, yes, but one far more affordable than trying to build, manage, hire, fire, and oversee a traditional team on your own.  Check it out – maybe you are ready to sail?

TaskRabbit is yet again, a different approach to outsourcing.  These freelancers are people located near you – locally based.  This incredible service is for those who need help with projects around the house or office, need errands run, anything in person and local (but think of them when you are traveling in a city you don’t know…genius).  Check out this article with The New Yorker on TaskRabbit.  Maybe you need someone to come to your office for the day and make phone calls, do some filing, organize, move stuff, whatever you can think of.  It is just another way to get help so your focus in on the part of your business you love.  Try it out or even more mind blowing…try a few of these and attack your to-do’s from all angles!

Crazy, I know, right?

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