3 Ways of Listening, But Only 1 Makes Your Coaching Business Grow

In today’s fast-paced society it is getting harder and harder to actually listen. You know, with technology connecting you with everyone at any time, texts, appointments, reminders, alarms, email notifications, (we can keep going here) – actually getting quiet to listen to another human being can be more challenging than ever.  However, if your online coaching business is to be successful you will need to hone your listening skills.  What was that you said?  You are a great listener?  That’s why you became a coach?  Not so fast…

Let’s take a look at the three types of listening that have the power to make you the listening guru you want to be.

You are used to what is known as Informal listening. This is just the simple question and answer process you use every day to gather facts. You ask questions about what you want to find out and then the client gives an answer based on what they understand.

Listening is key in getting an accurate understanding of the person you are leading through to their desires.

You may ask your client “when can I schedule a meeting with you?” or “Did you watch the videos I sent you?”  You may think there isn’t much to infer from these answers, but listen more closely.

In order for the person to give you an accurate answer they need to understand the question in the first place. This may sound like a simple process but, believe me, many factors can throw you off such as accents. Have you ever been in a situation where you were speaking with someone who was not fluent in your language?  If you assume you are always easily understood, back up girl (or guy), think again.  What if you are having difficulty with a client’s accent – how much do you think is missed? Hmm?  Can I hear a witness!

When it comes to responding to our clients you need to practice Active listening. This is when you actually respond to what the person is saying and convey interest with our body language. As coaches, it is always good to repeat what the person has said to let them know you are with them all the way.

A simple nod or show of emotions in a conversation can go a long way.

Expressing the love you have for what you do – directed towards you client, can create trust, faith, and an “OMG” I can do this sense of confidence from the very first words.  Instill by listening and you create success with hello.  Michelle Anne

What you really want to be though is an Intuitive Listener. Is that like being a psychic or something? No, it simply means being human and connecting with yourself in a way that allows for your instinctive nature to lead.   Listen with your instincts, clarify when you need to, and focus on your client’s needs.

Intuitive listening will help you give the client the best suited products, program, or services for their needs.

As you listen intuitively to your clients don’t be surprised at their show of emotion. It will work out in your best interest. Think about it. You will know what their weak and strong points are. You will also garner important information about what approaches might work best for them.  Their show of emotions simply means that they can sense your attention to them.

So as of now, when talking with your clients, check yourself to see if you are actually listening and when you have become a habitual intuitive listener then, trust me, your online coaching business will grow leaps and bounds because of all of the good things your clients will be sharing with those who listen.

Much love & admiration,

Michelle Anne

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