10 Ways to Build a Blog for Your Coaching Business When You Hate Blogging!

I hear it at least once per week – do I have to blog?  You have tons of inspiration and ideas and love to talk with people about them, but to sit down and write any of that out in “blog” format is equivalent to doing taxes (okay the latter is my pain).  I’d say about half of the coaches I work with loathe the idea of blogging and we had to change their definition of a blog in order to find a method of “blogging” that works well for them.  I’m sharing the many different ways you can post regularly to your blog in order to get that extra traffic, and engage your readers/clients even more.

Each “article” on your blog is another page on your website that gets indexed with the search engines.  More pages, more chances of being found.

The first idea that you have to break open is that a blog is simply a collection of long articles.  While this is the most common use of a blog – there are plenty of other ways people express their ideas through their blog.  A blog is simply a platform of expression.  You must express your joys, heartaches, inspiration in a manner that suits you and is easy to maintain.  You must express your soul as your soul sees fit.

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.”  Walt Whitman

Let’s explore the many different ways you can have a blog for your coaching business without having to play the part of Walt Whitman.

  1. Podcast – record your thought topics – post the recordings as a blog “article” with a short sentence or two to entice visitors to listen.  Alternately, you can pay to have your audio transcribed into articles, then post.

  2. Photo Journal – take photos throughout the week – choose one that inspires you, post it, share a few thoughts.  Create a journey through photos.

  3. One word.  Share one word per post and ask what it means to others.

  4. Prayer, meditation, or mantra – share a short piece for others to use daily.

  5. A list of to-do’s – share a list of to-do’s each week, so your readers have your steady guidance.  This literally can be a 1, 2, 3 kind of list posted once or twice weekly.

  6. Recipes – post recipes, food recipes, body care recipes, love recipes, life recipes, etc.

  7. Video – take videos with your smartphone – can be just 30 seconds – post, voila!

  8. Quotes – share quotes as a post.

  9. Movies, books, other blogs, websites – Choose 1 to blog about each week.

  10. Interviews – these go along with the podcast idea, but I love the idea of simply posting the recording of an interview once per week.

There really is endless ways you can “blog” if you can think outside of the box.  It does not have to be a burden or dreaded task.  Ask yourself what you love to do – then how you love to express the thing you love to do – make that your blog.  Totally awesome because your passion will come through so naturally!

No two human beings express what is in their soul the same way, nor should anyone express their blog the same as another if it isn’t you…it won’t convey as your true expression.  Michelle Anne

There you go – 10 ways to blog without blogging.  I’m certain you can find even more (if you do, share them in the comments below).  I should also mention that you can hire people to write articles for your blog for you, to post your content, or to research and find content for you.  The possibilities to make your blog happen are plentiful.  So get blogging!  It does serve a purpose and is a crucial component of your coaching business’s growth.

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