1 Way To Keep It All Together. In Your Coaching Business That Is.

Managing everything is one of the most common lead weights dragging coaches down. Too often, I know, you are so focused on your current clients or in talking with potential clients that the plethora of chores overwhelms you. The day to day “gotta keep my business going” is enough, much less how you are going to promote your new program, set up your email marketing, social media strategy, podcast, blog, split testing, measuring results, omg…I just felt those weights again.

Most coaches starting out are a one person show. Without a team helping you grow your business everything must be simplified. That’s why I love one pagers. One page business plans, strategies, organizers…one pagers really work nicely because you can see everything in a glance.

And these days, most of us only have time for a quick glance.

I have a simple one pager for you that I know will help you organize your operations. Keep reading and I’ll share it with you, but first let me let you in on a little secret. Building a team is not all that hard. If you are willing to experiment a bit and can invest as little as $25 per week (even less is possible) – you can have a small team working behind the scenes. I know, because I’ve done it…am doing it. I have a team of 3-4 people (the 4th spot fluctuates for one-time only skill based positions). I have a person that handles my website, a person that handles SEO, and a general Virtual Assistant that does everything from research, social media management, to writing copy. Since I am just building a business again and in those beginning stages the work is steadily growing and the nice thing with outsourcing in the way that I do it – your team can grow with you.

“Most entrepreneurs have great talents but many times they think they can do it all,” Sparks says. “That can really stall the growth of the business. By outsourcing the day to day back-office tasks, the business owner has more time to focus on generating income.” Laura Lee Sparks, owner of Legal Marketing Maven (For very small businesses, Sparks recommends outsourcing from the very beginning.)

So while I am providing you with tools to make things easier in your coaching business, I want you to keep in mind that having some help – even just 3 hours per week can make a huge impact on your business and your growth. If you’d like to know how I outsource for as little as $25 per week (or less) – just send me an email at Michelle@meetmeonthesofa.com with a subject line of “Outsource.” I’ll be happy to share by email exactly how I get help with my business super easy on my wallet.

Onward ho – let’s look at that form. Below is a snapshot to give you an idea. The download itself includes instructions. I’ve used many media management forms …my stomach turns just thinking about it. Although I am a Social Media Manager, I detest complicated systems. I probably have tested over 20 forms for this purpose and didn’t stick with any of them…till I came across the one I currently use. Mind you, it was different when I saw it – I attended a “Social Media for Food & Beverage” class that had a whopping 4 people in it including myself and the instructor. But the form he provided was brilliant! Simple, one page, clear, easy to use. He gave it to us free to use for whatever purpose. I changed it to work better for myself and coaches. And I’m pretty sure I love it. This week, I begin handing this form over to my VA so she can use it to schedule the week, month, whatever is needed.

Totally awesome.

Here’s that snapshot.

Don’t get lost in the idea that you can do it all. Don’t let your business fail because you were too stubborn to see that you need help – or to stubborn to give outsourcing a chance. You know what? If it doesn’t work for you – you stop, simple.  For now, go ahead and grab this Media Manager One Pager…hope you find it useful – I’d love to hear back from you either way.

Till next time,

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